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A Heartbroken Mother Changes The Rules

A Heartbroken Mother Changes The Rules

Hearing that a loved one has been injured or killed is the most devastating news a person can ever receive.  One woman, Carmela Wiant, from Ohio has worked hard to make sure parents don’t have to suffer through the same experience she had when she received news of her son’s, David Christopher Money’s, death. 

According to Wiant’s website, David Money passed away after getting into a car accident from hydroplaning.  The Chaplain informed Wiant over the phone of her son’s death.  As traumatic as this information can be, Wiant thought there should be another, more humane, way of communicating this information to parents.  She wanted a chance to say goodbye or be with her son before he died.

A few months after her son’s death, Wiant started lobbying for a bill so that people could be informed of a loved one’s death in the proper way.  The Money-Burge Act (also known as “Next Of Kin” Bill), in memory of David Money and Steve Burge, allows people to add an emergency contact’s information right onto their driver’s license.  This addition to the license allows the first responders on the scene of an accident to contact the next of kin so they can be with the accident victim a lot sooner.

Wiant describes what she went through while lobbying for the bill on her website.  She wrote, “The process of doing this Bill sometimes was very emotional, very stressful and sometimes I just wanted to quit, but every time I would look at my Son’s picture I would say ?What if the tables were turned and they told him this way’?”

What do you think of the Money-Burge Act put in place by Carmela Wiant?

Do you think other states should follow Ohio’s lead and pass bills similar to this one?


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  • zackarysmom By zackarysmom

    I think this idea is wonderful! As a past firefighter and EMT, there are always people around (cops, etc) that are not able to do anything and THEY would be calling. In regards to "spouses and parents screaming from the sidelines"? In most cases, it's much better having someone who knows about their allergies, you realize how many times we are working blind? As a mother, if there is a chance to saying goodbye to my child, you can bet that I would want to be there. ANY real parent would want me one parent who wouldn't want to say goodbye or just touch their childs hair or hand while it was still warm. I realize how cold people have become nowadays...and to say that this woman was the exception not the rule? Um, wrong! Our society is so cold now that everything is done the quickest way possible....having someone who actually cares is the exception. And as seen by some of the responses, I have proved my point.


    As a new parent, I have yet to be exposed to this kind of situation. In good faith, I believe she has a right to push for the bill. We as a society are not personable. Only imagine to be told over the phone. I think someone should have went to the indiviual in person to break the news.I agree with what was said about information on the D/L changing. After I got married, I changed the name but totally fotgot to change the address. Good going huh? I wish her luck with the bill, however, I do believe they are a long way from getting all the potiental problems worked out.

  • calif_lovebite By calif_lovebite

    I read this and i felt the words .. I lost my baby son 36 years ago.. if they only had something like a allergies & med on our licenses that would be my wish for way back when ... I still think of my sons tragic death so long ago ...i was a mother back then and just because there was 20 years in between all of my childrens births didnt make me not miss my 36 year old son any less. I would of liked more info , perhaps he may have had a chance... now i am blessed with my two teenagers that i have now ........ ty zackarysmom i heard your words Sjo OH yeah in oklahoma the licenses there OMG have your SSN as your ID number ... i didnt like it at all that anyone could see your SSN

  • dianab By dianab

    I agree that this should be cell phone based or computer based. There must be access to computer data or something more reliable and easy to update in case of emergency.

  • woogoo By woogoo

    This bill is a double edged sword. It can work in favor and against the person or people who it was intended to help

  • emac79 By emac79

    I like the idea of having medical needs put on the license - allergies, meds, stuff like that - but often times that changes, often, too. I still think this woman's case is the exception. I had a close friend lose a sister in a one car accident. EMT's worked like mad to save her, but couldn't. They did not receive a phone call. They had 2 policemen and a chaplain show up at their home to give them the information, pray with them, and offer assistance in any way possible. And as for "one last touch when they are still warm" - take every opportunity you have to hug and hold your children. Never let them leave without saying goodbye and I love you. Then that need may not be so great (still there, obviously, but lessened).

  • michellececena By michellececena

    This should be something implemented in every state! I am very sorry for your loss as no parent wants to bury their child first. My deepest sympathies to you and your family.

  • Luna4902 By Luna4902

    I think it is a wonderful idea because I was one of those people who was in a horrid accident and had no family or friends there for me until I told the nurses at the hospital to call my family. If I had not been coherent enough to tell them to call my loved ones,they would not have known. I do have ICE in my phone but during the accident my phone was lost somewhere in the car and was not retrieved til days later. Having the information right at hand would be great. A tip to all the woman out there from Ohio if you go to the DMV website you can add emergency contact information to your liscence that will come up in there system to call. I found out about this a couple of months ago and did it right away!

  • rainyday By rainyday

    i feel there should be a bill pass in all states to be notified in a decent manner when there is a death,also there should be (next of kin )should be on DL

  • Sonkissed2006 By Sonkissed2006

    Perfect idea! I am a nurse and work in the hospital and deal with this almost daily it seems. It's hard to see a patient die alone or to find out a family member was too late in finding out so they could come to see their loved one before they died.

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