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A Heartbroken Mother Changes The Rules

A Heartbroken Mother Changes The Rules

Hearing that a loved one has been injured or killed is the most devastating news a person can ever receive.  One woman, Carmela Wiant, from Ohio has worked hard to make sure parents don’t have to suffer through the same experience she had when she received news of her son’s, David Christopher Money’s, death. 

According to Wiant’s website, David Money passed away after getting into a car accident from hydroplaning.  The Chaplain informed Wiant over the phone of her son’s death.  As traumatic as this information can be, Wiant thought there should be another, more humane, way of communicating this information to parents.  She wanted a chance to say goodbye or be with her son before he died.

A few months after her son’s death, Wiant started lobbying for a bill so that people could be informed of a loved one’s death in the proper way.  The Money-Burge Act (also known as “Next Of Kin” Bill), in memory of David Money and Steve Burge, allows people to add an emergency contact’s information right onto their driver’s license.  This addition to the license allows the first responders on the scene of an accident to contact the next of kin so they can be with the accident victim a lot sooner.

Wiant describes what she went through while lobbying for the bill on her website.  She wrote, “The process of doing this Bill sometimes was very emotional, very stressful and sometimes I just wanted to quit, but every time I would look at my Son’s picture I would say ?What if the tables were turned and they told him this way’?”

What do you think of the Money-Burge Act put in place by Carmela Wiant?

Do you think other states should follow Ohio’s lead and pass bills similar to this one?


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  • megnbttrfly By megnbttrfly

    This is a WONDERFUL will not be as difficult as some believe. =)

  • Morkoor By Morkoor

    I think this is a great idea and a step in the right direction. Although everyone should always have this information on their person in their wallets. Unfortunately, young children do not have driver's licenses. We need to realize that all problems can't be fixed thru changes in law. Nothing can be 100% effective. Due to so many laws, regulations, lawyers, etc. the general public is afraid to help others because of the repercussions they may suffer later on. Also, it is the priority of the people at the site of an accident to take care of the needs of the injured first to try and save them or stablize them. Sometimes when we try to improve things we end up complicating things for the people that are trying to help us. Every action does cause a reaction. God bless everyone that has suffered such horrific losses. I am truly sorry for their losses.

  • robynlong By robynlong

    what a wonderful idea, I hope that can figure out how to make this bill work and work for everyone. My family at this time uses ICE ~ in case of emergency.

  • mmb2153 By mmb2153

    I believe this idea is both beautiful and effective. Depending on the situation, that phone call could offer information that is life saving, and if not, at the very least it will provide piece of mind for both the person called and the person harmed. It seems so simple when you look at it this way, one small thing can make a big difference. I also believe something along these lines should be used for children and people who are not yet of age to drive. Accidents happen everywhere and not only to people carrying a license. There should be a card with listed emergency numbers that they carry. Just as a diabetic wears a bracelet to inform people of his/her condition, everyone should take part in helping themselves and one another created a safer situation all around.

  • radar525 By radar525

    Why can't they add the next of kin/emergency contact information onto your DL without putting it on the face or back of the card, but using the electronic stripe on the back? Should you get pulled over, police swipe your DL anyway to verify your information. Why can't the system be upgraded to allow drivers to log onto a website, enter their DL# and add this emergency contact information? Most states have DLs or state IDs with this stripe on the back. I do use ICE on my cell phone as well, but depending on the type of accident, a victim's cell phone may not be readily located. Most responders will check for a wallet or purse first to get ID on the patient. If a person's basic emergency info were accessible by scanning the DL, it seems to be a better and more private way rather than cramming more small text onto the front or back of the ID.

  • myangel82 By myangel82

    This will not be on the drivers license. This will be a secure database when they put the license in it will say emergency contact available where the law enfocement agencies will have to get through the LEADS.. We have had 110,747 sign up in 9 months. I will never get back what was taken from me, being right by his side with my only son David.

  • y2kgrad By y2kgrad

    Readily accessible next of kin information can be essential to all first responders to better aid the patient /victim and, in the case of a death, the patient's family. A secure database associated with driver's license information is a great start.

  • brit1029 By brit1029

    I think this is a great idea, in the past I worked in a hospital where families come to see the accident victims. Sometimes an hour or two passes before they are notified and get the emergency room.

  • 3bower By 3bower

    I think that a database would be a great idea and that if a number changes it would be up to the individual to make the appropriate changes. If my son were in an accident I would want to know as quickly as possible and this seems like an attempt to make connection.

  • stonemom By stonemom

    I think it is a great idea. I feel that this kind of news should be delivered in as personal a way as possible. I realize taht some circumstances would notallow for this. But when they do it should be done. It is hard to hear about the death of any loved one but to hear it over the phone by the chaplain after they had already gone is not the way it should be.

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