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A Heartbroken Mother Changes The Rules

on Oct 23, 2009: I would love to see it in other states. If you know of anyone that went through this type of experience I would sure help them get this in there state. I have called many but not living in that state it is not as easy. God bless all of you for you comments I really miss my David especially Hi…

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NBC's Today Show Producers Share Advice For New Moms

on Jul 02, 2009: My best advice is when you discipline your children afterwards always tell them you love them. When they ask about your past or anything be honest as you can be. Have fun and laugh alot with them. So glad I

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Twitter Me This

on May 31, 2009: I am a mom who got a bill passed in the state of Ohio to allow emergency contact with our drivers license. When you go to the Doctors, work place and kids in school you always have to put an emergency contact. My son was killed in an auto accident and Hospital chaplain ended up telling me over the…