Saving More at the Supermarket

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Saving More at the Supermarket
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There are lots of things we can cut back on when trying to save a few bucks, but when it comes to buying groceries many of us are left gasping at the bill after checking out.  We have to eat right?  With rising costs of food these days and soaring unemployment rates it is really important that we all learn how to be savvy shoppers.

And many of us have already become a lot better at finding deals that will save a small bundle each week.  Shoppers are taking advantage of websites that offer coupons for everything from laptop computers to breakfast cereal.  According to the Indiana News and Tribune, 89 percent of the U.S. population uses coupons.  The traffic on sites like and grows higher as the economy sinks lower.  On average, a family could save close to $10 a month on groceries by using coupons. 

Aside from saving with coupons you can find on websites and in newspapers a recent article from CNN also offered some great ways to save at the grocery store.

A great way to get more value for your dollar is to buy in bulk.  Bulk items are almost always much cheaper than individual products.  Things like toilet paper and paper towels should always be purchased in bulk since you know you will use them and they will not spoil.  Stay away from deals on perishables like milk, eggs and produce that will go bad before you can eat them.

Buying the store brand item over a name brand can also help you save quite a bit.  The ingredients and taste are often similar if not identical.  The only noticeable difference is usually the cost

CNN reports about a blind taste test conducted by supermarket expert Phil Lempert.  The test showed that with items like cereal, potato chips, and ginger ale a big percentage of shoppers either could not tell the difference or actually preferred the generic brand.

Making a list may not always be the answer to avoiding impulse shopping.  Robyn Moreno, consumer editor of Women’s Day, told CNN that shoppers with lists spend over 40 percent more than those who shop list-free.  This doesn’t mean you should forget the list all together.  Just think of the shopping list as less of a “wish list” and more as an economically planned list focused around menus for you and your family. 

For a complete list of CNN’s tips you can visit:

What do you think of the tips offered above on how to save at the grocery store?

Have you figured out a unique way to save more on groceries?

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  • KsFoodie By KsFoodie

    The overall theme here is "Use coupons'. They will often make the name brand item cheaper than a generic store brand, especially if your store offers double coupons. Also, don't overlook the mark-downs! I recently found a 6-pack of Slim Fast marked $1.50. Had a dollar off coupon. One caveat-always check the expiration dates, but remember, food doesn't 'die' on the date that's marked. Shop for foods in season, cook from scratch (it's healthier) and save money!.

  • Versace By Versace

    I have always used coupons, from the time I was in my teens (I'm now in my 40's). This past year I kept a close count on just how much money I saved using coupons. Get this ... in 2008, I save $6879.55 using coupons!!!!! I knew that I saved a good bit, but I never realized just how much until I added it all up. I now have over $6000.00 worth of FREE items just by using coupons and being a savvy shopper. I only use the coupons that I get from my local newspaper or mail advertisements. If I could find a website (that is FREE) where I could print coupons, no telling how much I could save in 2009. It takes a little time and effort, but to me the money saved is worth all the work!

  • Familymatters By Familymatters

    My Tips for Saving at the Grocery and other Dept Stores is as follows: Sign up to receive email newsletters from your local Grocery Store IF they have a website. One of my local stores is Raleys, and if you sign up on their website at , each week they email a different set of instore coupons for either money off your entire purchase or discounts on specific items , unadvertised specials, and even some freebies once in a while. Check out these websites for coupons, special deals and mail in rebates on items you may have already purchased which would make the item FREE after the rebate: Good luck in your savings adventure!

  • dusty910 By dusty910

    I can't believe how high food prices have gotten but I'm lucky to have 2 large grocery stores within 2 blocks of each other. When the flyers come out, I sit down and make my lists based on what's on special that week and whatever coupons I have. There's a great website,, that has an recipe finder based on ingredients. There are thousands of recipes online with most of them contributed by readers. I plug in the specials and have been able to make some really great meals for my family fairly inexpensively and they get to try something new. They also have a category for budget meals. Definitely worth checking out!

  • Kremer2310 By Kremer2310

    I buy the best deal possible. Meaning, if the store brand is a better deal than a name brand with a coupon and sale, I buy the store brand. I use for weekly deals at my grocery store. I have also learned to buy health and beauty items at discount drug stores and stock up on items that are on sale. I was able to get $100 worth of health and beauty items for $38. That was my biggest savings yet!

  • hairs2u By hairs2u

    I try to save in a lot of areas. But, food shopping is the worst. No matter how hard I try it is one of my highest bills. The gas prices went down and the food hasn't. What will happen when the gas goes up again. No one will afford to eat. This is crazy. Something needs to be done. There is only 3 of us in my house What do people do that have 5 or more???

  • KathiSierra By KathiSierra

    I plan my meals around what is on sale that week at our favorite "double coupon" store,usually the purchase such as a pot roast will not only be enough for the main meal but for a leftover equally delicious meal that same week. I also email companies and ask if they send out coupons or samples, its amazing how many free product coupons I obtain that way.

  • Mom2NateNoahnick By Mom2NateNoahnick

    I trade coupons and boy oh boy has it helped me. You can also get coupons on ebay! There are times that these come in so handy when your buying multiplies of one item:)

  • ayesha16 By ayesha16

    coupons are the best. I always use them, when I shop in a supermarket. sometimes, I get toothpaste and shampoo for free. it saves a lot of money.


    I found the statement...."the average family could save $10 a month using coupons" to be hillarious. I grocery shop once a week and always save $50 or more using coupons.

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