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Can Co-Sleeping Be Safe For Baby?

on Mar 02, 2009: Of course it can be safe and benefit the child. As with anything you have to weigh the pros and cons. It is not suitable for every family. You shouldn't do it if you are on certain medications, etc. I can tell you that I know what my daughter is doing when I am sleeping. My daughter and I ar…

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Saving More at the Supermarket

on Dec 18, 2008: I use coupons as much as I can. Lately the coupons haven't been for things that I normally buy so I haven't had any to use. I also ask for gift cards to the grocery stores I go to when someone wants to buy me a gift. I do use a list, but I make out my meal list first so that I am only buying w…

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The Gift Card: Get It Or Forget It?

on Dec 13, 2008: I buy a lot of gift cards. I appreciate getting them, but I am not worried about the stores I purchase from. I don't like the mastercard giftcard because you can't go over the limit on the card which I find frustrating. I've gotten a couple and had a couple of dollars go to waste because of tha…