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Saving More at the Supermarket

on Dec 16, 2008: I use coupons and buy store brands but meat costs are hard to cut. So I started trying a few new recipes that can really stretch your meat budget. Last night I made a box of Uncle Ben's wild rice (the mushroom one) and had my hubby grill a steak (just one). I sliced the steak into thin strips a…

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Thanksgiving Day Feast on the Cheap

on Nov 19, 2008: I read the article but really, who in their right mind would spend $50 on a pecan pie? I don't see spending $15 on ingredients instead of $50 on a premade as a money saving tip. Wal-mart sells premade pecan pies for ~$5 every day... And $2 a lb for a turkey seems steep too. I bought a butterba…

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Flying the Family Friendly Skies

on Oct 08, 2008: I think this would be awesome! I just got back from a trip to see my family on Sunday that my hubby had to skip out on because of the price of tickets. Thankfully my little guy loved the plane ride and never fussed. Biggest problem was boarding. American Airlines doesn't offer family boarding …