Would You Eat This Cricket Bread?

   By SheSpeaksTeam  Nov 30, 2017

As far as a better more sustainable food source, eating insects sounds like the way of the future to many food scientists. But many of us are not ready or willing to consider the possibilities of adding anything creepy or crawly to the menu. Unless of course, you are dining at a Finnish bakery that has rolled out a high protein bread containing crushed up crickets that reportedly just tastes like regular bread.

Time reports about the insect bread that is now on the market and contains somewhere around 70 crickets inside each loaf of fresh bread. The bakery and food service known as Fazer reports that the bread contains more protein than your ordinary loaf of wheat bread. And Fazer’s head of innovation Juhani Sibakov explains, “It offers consumers with a good protein source and also gives them an easy way to familiarize themselves with insect-based food.”

Though people in other parts of the world like Asia, Latin America and Africa have been incorporating insects into their daily diets for a long time - people in Europe and the U.S. have been more hesitant to give it a try. Here and there, some high end restaurants in the U.S. and Canada are now adding insects to menu items for their more adventurous guests. And Sibakov believes that insects are the logical way to go when it comes to finding a more sustainable food source. He says, “Mankind needs new and sustainable sources of nutritions.”

Those who have tried the cricket bread don’t really see much of a difference. Helsinki student Sara Koivisto noshed on the loaf and says, “I don’t taste the difference. It tastes like bread.”

What do you think of adding insects to foods in order to increase nutritional value?

Would you try this bread?

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KouponKat by KouponKat | NAPERVILLE, IL
Nov 30, 2017

I would not try it.