The Insect-Eating Food Trend: Are You Willing to Try?

   By SheSpeaksTeam  Aug 07, 2013

The search for more sustainable environmentally friendly food often finds its way to the idea of eating insects. Though many (even self-proclaimed foodies) may voice their disgust over consuming crawly critters, people living in other parts of the world think nothing of adding bugs to the menu. Countless food travel shows have opened our eyes to the way many people in the world consume bugs as a dietary staple with reports showing 80% of the world’s population has no problem chowing down on insects.

A recent Forbes interview with New York based entrepreneurs, Greg Sewitz and Gabi Lewis, sheds some light on where the edible insect business may be headed here in the states. Sewitz and Lewis, who own the company Exo, know first hand the nutritional benefits of eating insects, namely crickets which is a main ingredient in their protein bars.

The bars contain crickets that are slow-roasted before grated down into a fine flour. Other ingredients included in the power bar are butter, dates, coconut, raw cacao, honey, vanilla, and sea salt. Lewis explains that aside from crickets being very high in nutrients, they are also am extremely sustainable food source. She says, “Unlike traditional protein sources, crickets consume barely any resources and produce almost no greenhouse gases. So from the joint perspective of an individual and the environment, cricket protein is superior to the alternatives.”

Though eating bugs may not be your bag, there is a good possibility we may change our minds about consuming these critters in the future. Sewitz believes it’s only a matter of time until we’re all more open to the idea of adding insects to our diets. She explains, “In the 1960′s, the idea of eating raw fish seemed disgusting to most Americans until a chef in Los Angeles created the California Roll, which replaced toro with avocado and put the rice on the outside. It was sushi re-imagined. Now people even love sashimi. It’s about getting people to try something new and change their associations with particular foods.”

How do you feel about consuming insects? Would you consider trying one of these protein bars that contains crickets?

Do you think consuming insects will eventually become a popular food trend?


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marip1 by marip1 | RACINE, WI
Sep 06, 2013

No I wouldn't try it. Too gross.

jenuits by jenuits | RIO RANCHO, NM
Aug 21, 2013

Maybe if I were starving and there was no other food to be found, I would give that a try. We have a long way to go before we can compare crickets with sushi.

kicken91 by kicken91 | MAYFIELD, KY
Aug 17, 2013

No way! yuck!!!!!1

mistymarieb by mistymarieb | JACKSONVILLE, FL
Aug 15, 2013

No ma'm, no way no how! Not even in survival mode.

Magilli by Magilli | SPARTANBURG, SC
Aug 08, 2013

I would try it but I do not think it would ever become a trend. I think a lot of people would be turned off at eating bugs for dinner!

redLaurie by redLaurie | CRESCENT CITY, CA
Aug 07, 2013

If I was in survival mode and this was all I had, I guess I would be willing to eat it. If you watched the new reality show on Monday nights, the host, Bear, has the teams eating insects and eels. It definitely could become a new food trend.

Aug 07, 2013

How do you feel about consuming insects? Would you consider trying one of these protein bars that contains crickets? In general, the thought of eating a cricket, by itself, sounds gross. However, I don't think I would mind consuming it in a protein bar. I have heard they are a protein source. I would be willing to try it. Overall, I think this is a novelty and for the experience. Do you think consuming insects will eventually become a popular food trend? Other cultures have been eating insects and bugs, as a staple, for centuries. However, I do think this is going to become the new trends, in the U.S.

Kay3131 by Kay3131 | New York, NY
Aug 07, 2013

Gag. Absolutely not. Never.

leylers by leylers | BLANCHARD, LA
Aug 07, 2013

Yes, I'd try it. I have a box of sour cream and onion "Crickettes" (dried seasoned crickets) on my desk now, so of course.