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Women Under the Microscope

Women Under the Microscope
We are all well aware of the ongoing sagas of celebrities like the late Anna Nicole Smith and the spiraling out of control Britney Spears. They are constantly followed by telephoto lenses and unmercifully held to the media’s highest standards of beauty.

Messages relayed through television and magazines are constantly telling these women that they are either too fat or too thin, or that they should wear their hair this way or that. When scrutinized on a daily basis it’s not hard to imagine a person becoming totally fixated on their appearance, losing self-esteem, becoming confused and depressed.

We are all guilty of ogling over celebrity magazines or making the occasional comment about a famous person’s weight loss/gain. After all, we are the reason the media follows these women around; we subscribe to the magazines and tune in to the shows.

Because the lives of Anna Nicole Smith and Britney Spears are made to sound more like a soap opera in print, it is easy for us to become obsessed with the plot and forget about the person. We must try and remember that they are real women: sisters, mothers, and friends.

With that said, do you think there should be harsher privacy laws protecting celebrities from the paparazzi?
Or is the media frenzy just something a celebrity should expect and learn how to deal with?

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  • mafalis By mafalis

    I get that they're real women with real problems, but when you enter into the "hollywood life" loss of privacy is something to be expected. There are many celebs that keep themselves private by not parading around with an entourage or choosing to go to places where the paparazzi aren't. If these women don't want their every move in the papers maybe they should be more low key. 

  • Hapeekampr By Hapeekampr

    I think that while the loss of privacy is to be expected for celebrities, I do think harsher privacy laws should be in place, and even essential when dealing with child celebrities. 

    I couldn't imagine the loss of freedom once has to endure just because they have chosen a "job" that they love. 

    For us, it's nothing to just run to the store in sweats, but for an actress to do that, she would know every thread of her outfit would be scrutizined.  Forget trying to go somewhere to be away from it all, every move would be watched, photographed, written about.  Every new wrinkle or age spot being photographed and commented on.  People pushing and shoving around you trying to get the perfect shot. 

    That's certainly not a life I would want to live. 

    I think there should be a perimeter around celebrities, a line that can't be crossed.  Will it happen?  Probably not.  Should it happen?  I think so.

  • kimmyberly By kimmyberly

    We ARE the reason the paparazzi stalk and torment celebrities... especially celebrities that strive/hunger for attention and those whose life is out of control. 

    We HAVE TO stop buying the magazines that have pictures showing girls getting in/out of cars with their hooha showing.  Or a brand new mom enjoying a private/personal stroll with her family.  Or the singer who stopped for at Starbucks along the way.  Or the actress on her cellphone obviously having a difficult/private conversation. 
    I mean... come on!  We all know what it's like to have our personal space violated.  And when we've had enough we've had enough... bad things can happen.  And when/if they do we certainly don't want pictures or videos of the event sent out in circulation around the world. 

    I strongly feel that celebrities of any kind gave up a great deal of their privacy to become a celebrity.  That's what attracted them to stardom in the first place.  BUT I don't think it's fair at the very least that they can't take a jog without being photographed.  Goodness, they're obviously thin, fit and in shape... I don't need to know their fitness routine!!!!!

    We as a society have to slow it down.  I think we have a lot of young lives at stake.  We're responsible for Britney Spears and Lindsey Lohan and Nicole Richie going off the deep end.  (I take ABSOLUTELY NO RESPONSIBILITY for Paris.  She's her own train wreck... And anyone that follows in her tracks will suffer greatly.)

    Harsher privacy laws MUST protect the celebrities.  Much harsher!  They are humans after all.  Albeit spoiled rotten, demanding, and self centered (at times)... but they ARE humans.  Aren't we all?

  • Donnagg123 By Donnagg123

    I believe that it is just par for the course for celebrities.

    I have been in the workforce for many years, and know that along with the job there are always unspoken/unwritten parts to a job that are not savory but they are part of the job.

    For example, the person who works fast food as a cashier has to deal with impatient, unhappy, pushy people who will cuss and scream at you. You would never see that in commercials and most places tell you what maybe you should or shouldn't do but never do they tell you everything to expect. Like having to stay over sometimes to finish a job, that you may not get off exactly at the time you are scheduled.

    Long story short, I just feel that along with the fame and celebrity and the money they need to realize that although paparazzi and fans are never explicity said that they are a part of being famous it is just the way it is.

    However, I will say that when it gets to the point that they are driving them and their families off the road and compromising safety, I find that unacceptable.



  • rdcurt1 By rdcurt1

    Can you imagine a world with no entertainment. Entertainers have chosen a profession and while some may crave the spotlight, just as many do what they love and should be allowed to be the neighbor next door.

    Why do we have the right to be involved in every aspect of their lives, simply because they choose to become a part of our entertainment? I commend Tom and Katie Cruise for shielding their newborn child from the media, and think it is sad that because of their decision, such cruel things were said.

    I have a few favorite entertainers, and any one of them could walk past me on the street, and they would get no more than my normal everyday folks greeting.

  • kcfreen By kcfreen

    We should all get a life so that harsher laws won't be necessary. In the meantime, harsher laws.

  • mrs_hambone By mrs_hambone

    It just seems to be the way the world works.  When someone, or anyone really, is in the spot light suddenly everyone wants to know all the details.  Look at how many reality shows are on tv now, people want to be in other people's business.  Honestly I do find some of the stuff entertaining, but if it wasn't there I wouldn't miss it.  I think it needs to go both ways, the stars need to have the class and wisdom to not get themselves into trouble... and we as viewers need to get more hobbies!  Stop watching shows like ET and go outside! lol, I know I need to more!

  • cvarano By cvarano

    We DO need to get a life.  Unfortunately, these TV shows like Access Hollywood seem to get high ratings because they've been on for so long and clones keep popping up.  So, maybe harsher laws would help.  No footage no news.  It would force us to get lives.

  • gather By gather

    I think this country focuses on too much celebrity. Most of us don't want or don't care what goes on in their lifes but it gets forced on us. It is pretty sad when someone who puts their life on the line everyday gets paid pennies and someone who plays a sport or is on tv or in movies gets paid millions. Who should be a role model? It should not be an athlete or a movie star. When Jerry Garcia died it was front page news, when Jonas Salk died there was hardly mention of it. WHO DID MORE FOR THE WORLD.

  • sharman421 By sharman421

    So sick of hearing about these out-of-control celebrities. Most fine artisits: actors and actresses, writers,musicians, etc. avoid the lime light and the paparazzi. They live their lives and practice their art. It's unfortunate that a few of them are so out there and unbalanced that they keep the celeb magazines in business. Should we protect these goof balls? Of course! Even those seeking attention need protection.

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