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Flying the Family Friendly Skies

on Sep 29, 2008: I like this idea with prices of everthing going thru the roof, this plan might just help alot of different businesses. The food industry, hotel, motel, rental car. by being able to fly cheaper you can spend money on someelse you would have to cut out before.

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Female as athlete: Doomed to second class citizenship?

on Jun 14, 2007: Let's face it, men don't appreciate females in sports. If it isn't football, it doesn't exist. I remember a daytime male anchor on ABC GMA say why should females get sports scholarship, nobody wants to see them play. Then the USA soccer team, yes the female USA soccer team got the gold med…

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Women Under the Microscope

on Apr 15, 2007: I think this country focuses on too much celebrity. Most of us don't want or don't care what goes on in their lifes but it gets forced on us. It is pretty sad when someone who puts their life on the line everyday gets paid pennies and someone who plays a sport or is on tv or in movies gets paid …