Women May Benefit From Ditching the Bra

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Women May Benefit From Ditching the Bra

If you think your bra is reducing back pain or keeping you perky longer you may want to have a look at a new study saying just the opposite. The study conducted over a period of 15 years suggests women may actually reap more benefits when going bra-less.

GMA News reports about the French study conducted by University of Besançon professor Jean-Denis Rouillon. Some of the findings from the study appear to refute what many have always believed were the benefits from wearing a good bra. For one, the study found that wearing a bra may not do anything for reducing back pain. One of the 130 women involved in the study has now been bra-less for two years. She explains the benefits of not wearing a bra saying, “There are multiple benefits: I breathe more easily, I carry myself better, and I have less back pain.”

Another interesting finding from the study was that wearing a bra every day may actually increase breast sagging over time. Rouillon explains to a local newspaper, “Medically, physiologically, anatomically – breasts gain no benefit from being denied gravity. On the contrary, they get saggier with a bra.”

Though Rouillon’s study presents some compelling findings, whether or not women are willing to go without their bras is another story. Many women have become so accustomed to wearing them that going without one may prove too big of a change.

What do you think of the study that suggests women would be better off if they didn’t wear bras?

Would you ever consider going bra-less after hearing about the possible benefits?


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  • cookiemaker By cookiemaker

    I have large breasts, too, 46D, but I have been going braless for two weeks and I am enjoying it. I will never wear one again and I have also ditched my pajamas and that feels great, too.

  • kuananysha By kuananysha

    ohh no im in for it

  • angelmk By angelmk

    I would love to not wear a bra but its not an option for me,I have always have large breasts and finding bras that fit well and comfortable is still a chore for me but I couldn't go without one.

  • Lemony By Lemony

    I usually don't wear one when I am at home. I do feel I look better in one. My clothes seem to fit better if that makes any sense.

  • hollyn By hollyn

    i cant stand to wear a bra. they are so uncomfortable and i feel so much better with out one. what is the purpose of them anyway. think we should all just go free

  • rilypeachey By rilypeachey

    I hate wearing a bra.After 7 cildren I have rather large breasts. My husband is uncomforable with me not wearing a bra because I suffer from sag.I go wthout a bra as often as possible because its more comfortable.

  • mamadelgordito By mamadelgordito

    WOW! Its really something to think about. Always thought I'd be gaining benefits from gearing a bra. Although I think it would be hard to go without it Im so used to it.

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