Will Ellen Be As "Nice" As Paula?

   By drodriguez  Jan 08, 2010

If watching Fox’s American Idol is one of your guilty pleasures then you are probably gearing up for the new season which begins January 12th.  With Paula Abdul being replaced by talk show host Ellen Degeres, fans are not sure what to expect from the new season.  Abdul was sometimes criticized for being too nice to contestants and always saying something positive even if a performance was an obvious flop.  Will DeGeneres follow in her footsteps by being the nurturing one? 

DeGeneres recently did an interview with the Wall Street Journal where she talked about her upcoming role as one of four judges on American Idol.  When asked if she will be as kind to contestants as Abdul was she responds that she will be honest.  DeGeneres says she can relate to how vulnerable contestants can feel after doing stand-up for years.  She says, "When you’re in a band, you’ve got the guitar player you can turn to but when you’re by yourself on stage I know what that feels like and I know it doesn’t feel good, especially with millions of people watching.  But I’ll be honest.  I don’t think it helps anybody to be encouraged and not told the truth."

As fans of the show know, there was always tension between judge Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul for the mere fact that he is known as "the mean one" and she as "the nice one".  DeGeneres talks about whether she thinks she and Cowell will clash while working together on the show.  She says that although she knows and respects him, she thinks there will be disagreements on the set.  DeGeneres says, "At the same time I think he’s mean and I think he says things in an insensitive way and I don’t think that’s a way to get a point across.  I’ve called him on it to his face.  I’ll do the same thing to him (on ’Idol’)".

Will you be watching American Idol this season?

Do you expect Ellen DeGeneres to be as easy on the contestants as Paula Abdul was?

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marip1 by marip1 | RACINE, WI
Jul 19, 2010

I love Ellen on the show. I really don't miss Paula. Ellen brings a lot of humor to the show.

oceangirl1 by oceangirl1 | Waterbury, CT
May 19, 2010

I love Ellen on American Idol she speaks from the heart. She is great with her opinion's and gives constructive comments.

bdesarro by bdesarro | E LIVERPOOL, OH
Feb 16, 2010

I really like Ellen, and i get she has a passion for music, but she doesn't have a music career! i think people who are trained musically and know what they are talking about should be judging people who are serious about singing and becoming a musician!

maryam1 by maryam1 | Chesapeake, VA
Feb 05, 2010

I Love Ellen, but Paula and Simon is the show. It is just not the same this year with Paula, but I will continue watching anyway.

lizomatic by lizomatic | orlando, FL
Feb 03, 2010

i love ellen too i think she will be a sweet heart ... go team ellen way better than paula!

jaclynann23 by jaclynann23 | Nevada City, CA
Jan 29, 2010

I dont think Ellen will be as "easy" as Paula, but I feel that she will give her imput with a little humor and that the contestants wont feel as battered as they do when Simon gets thru with them. Paula, while sweet as can be, didnt really judge the way she should have. I think Ellen will bring a whole new dynamic to the show. Im looking forward to it!

dominiquegirl11 by dominiquegirl11 | gladstone , OR
Jan 27, 2010

I'm really going to miss Paula. But I think Ellen will do just as great, shes very outgoing..I'm very excited to see how it goes.

Hollysanders by Hollysanders | Los Angeles, CA
Jan 27, 2010

I love Ellen. I thinks she'll add humor to the show and she'll keep the niceness element that Paula brought to the show. I love Paula but I think the show will be even better with Ellen. I'm excited to see how it turns out with Ellen.

quest4me by quest4me | Pinellas Park, FL
Jan 27, 2010

Can't wait to see Ellen on American Idol....I think she will bring a new twist to the show. And I wish continued sucess to Paula! About Ellen being nicer....Ellen will just be honest!

chante517 by chante517 | Macon, GA
Jan 27, 2010

I'm suuuper, uber excited about Ellen being on the show. I liked Paula as well, but I do think she was waaay too nice sometimes. You don't have to be mean to be a good judge, but I do think you need to give constructive criticism. And we all know Paula rarely criticized. I think Ellen will be "the nice one" as well, but the fact she's so darn funny will definately take the harshness out of whatever negative things she may have to say to a contestant.

cmh627 by cmh627 | BORDENTOWN, NJ
Jan 26, 2010

I can't wait til Ellen comes on! I'm not sure she will be as "nice" as Paula, but she will definitely add some much needed humor!

sharman421 by sharman421 | TALLAHASSEE, FL
Jan 22, 2010

Now I might take the time to watch this show. Ellen Rox!

laidoff by laidoff | Evergreen Park, IL
Jan 22, 2010

I think, Ellen will be honest BUT in a funny way, because that's how she rolls......

christinayluis4eva by christinayluis4eva | corning, CA
Jan 21, 2010

ellen is awesome!!! i think she will be great on american idol!! it will be a hilarious season!!!

picturemommy by picturemommy | marietta, GA
Jan 18, 2010

I love Ellen and think that she will be a wonderfully fresh change to this show that quite frankly is getting just a bit stale!