Why We Should All Be More Like Millennial Moms When It Comes to Holiday Shopping

   By SheSpeaksTeam  Dec 05, 2019

Jayne Pillemer

Yes, it’s true millennials often get a bad wrap, but it seems we can all take notes from millennial moms when it comes to holiday prep. Some new data research shows that it is precisely this age group that tends to plan out their shopping better and gets it all done well before that holiday crunch when everyone else is running around desperate to complete their gift lists.

ABC News reports about the time of year millennial moms shine with their skills at planning, budgeting and wrapping it all up with a pretty bow. According to the National Retail Fedaration (NRF) 75% of millennial moms began holiday shopping in early November compared to just 56% of total shoppers.

NRF spokesman, Thomas Jordan, explains the planning that goes into early shopping for millennials. Jordan says, “The top reason these millennial moms cite for starting early is to spread out their gift shopping budget (75%) and avoid the stress of last minute shopping (53%).” Budgeting and avoiding stress of holiday season are aspects of this time of year many of us struggle with. So, how are millennial moms getting through the holidays with a little more ease?

Stacey Kobeszko, a 30 year old mother of two, puts her wish lists on excel spreadsheets and starts shopping and budgeting early. She shops for around 25 - 30 people each year and shops throughout the year. She says, “I often see something and think 'that would make a great gift' and I try to figure out who it would work for on my list.” She can then enter the gift and amount spent into her spreadsheet and cross off the person. She also has the extra time to wait for items she really wants to go on sale.

Another mother of two, 35-year-old Jayne Pillemer, is also able to get all the shopping done early by taking inventory of what her children and household may need like crafts, new shoes, helmets for kids, etc. She starts doing this at the end of summer and says she has all of her gifts wrapped and ready to go by Halloween. When her kids come to her with last minute gift ideas, she is able to give those as suggestions when family members ask what her kids would like.

What do you think of millennial moms’ planning skills when it comes to holiday shopping?

Do you get your shopping done early or are you more of a last minute shopper?

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rolliepollie by rolliepollie | NEWPORT, TN
Dec 15, 2019

I am so tired of labels being put on everyone based on their age. As for the "Millennial" thing the last article I read was about how they are all crying about having to participate in Christmas at all. This this one saying how they have it all together and have gifts bought months in advance. smh

ERA2015 by ERA2015 | Rich Hill, MO
Dec 10, 2019

With prices rising and having so much to do during the holidays I start buying gift year round from Jan. on, making my holidays more enjoyable with family and friends.