Why Narcissists Tend To Ace the Interview and Land the Job

   By SheSpeaksTeam  Jun 24, 2014

If you happen to love yourself just a little too much there’s good chance you also fare a lot better during job interviews than those who find it rude to boast about themselves. This is especially unfortunate for those who come from cultures that revere modesty.

Phys.org reports about the University of British Columbia study that finds narcissists have a much easier time acing interviews and landing jobs than those who conduct themselves more modestly. The news makes the old advice that you should go in there like you already have the job seem like something worth thinking about.

Unfortunately for people who come from some Asian countries where it’s important to be modest, landing a job in North America may be a bit more difficult. Lead author of the study Prof. Del Paulhus explains, “A job interview is one of the few social situations where narcissistic behaviours such as boasting actually create a positive impression. Normally, people are put off by such behaviour, especially over repeated exposure.”

Researchers involved in the study found particular cultures like those from Japanese, Korean and Chinese backgrounds tended to exhibit very low levels of narcissism and failed to receive a “definitely hire” rating by the people who interviewed them. Whereas those who scored highest levels of narcissism were most likely to be considered in the running for a job.

Paulhus hopes that the study will encourage job applicants and interviewers to reexamine their style. He says, “Candidates should engage with the interviewer while continuing to self-promote. Interviewers should look beyond cultural style and assess individual qualifications. Instead of superficial charm, interviewers must analyze candidates' potential long-term fit in the organization.”

What do you think of the study that suggests narcissism can help you do well in interviews?

Will this information make you think differently next time you apply for a new job?


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