Why Men With Higher Testosterone Levels Love Luxury Items

   By SheSpeaksTeam  Jul 09, 2018

If your partner is insistent on only having the best luxury items (whether you can afford it or not), there’s a possibility he’s merely reacting to an abundance of testosterone in his system. A new study suggests men with higher levels of testosterone seek out luxury goods, possibly as a way to assert their dominance.

The Verge reports about a study from researchers at Caltech, the Wharton School, INSEAD, ZRT Laboratory, and the Sorbonne University. It is thought that because luxury items are often considered a status symbol, men with higher levels of the hormone are more attracted to them. Expensive cars, designer clothing and top of the line gadgets are all on their wishlist simply because these items would help to establish a higher and more masculine status.

Co-author of the study Cameron Camerer explains why these luxury items are being used by men as status symbols. Camerer says, “In our closest animal kin, males spend a lot of time and energy fighting to establish dominance. We do, too, but our weapons are what we wear, drive, and live in rather than claws, fists, and muscles.”

The way researchers came up with their findings that higher testosterone levels make men pine for luxury goods was by applying testosterone gel to have of their nearly 250 male participants. When participants were asked whether they preferred luxury brands like Armani over high quality casual brands like North Face, researchers found that those who had been given testosterone gel were more likely to choose fancier products.

In another part of the study, men were shown the same watch described in three different ways. One ad called the watch high-quality and reliable, another noted its “prestige” and called it a luxury item, while the third ad focused on it being powerful and indescructible. Men who had been given extra testosterone preferred the watch ad that said the watch was a luxury item rather than the “powerful” and “reliable” ads.

What do you think of the new study that suggests men with higher levels of testosterone prefer luxury items?

Do you know any men that seek out luxury items as a sign of their status or dominance?

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