What If You Could Put Off Menopause For Another 20 Years? A New Procedure Could Help

   By SheSpeaksTeam  Aug 26, 2019

Amanda Mills

What if you could put off hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings and all of the other lovely symptoms that come with menopause? Doctors are now touting a new procedure that could potentially delay menopause by up to 20 years, allowing many women a delay in serious health conditions that often come with the change in life like osteoporosis and heart disease.

The Guardian reports about the procedure that involves freezing ovarian tissue in premenopausal women in order to reimpant it at a later date in hopes of delaying the onset of menopause. Osteoporosis and serious heart conditions are often a side effect of the changing hormones women experience after menopause, but if doctors were able to delay this process a bit longer it is thought these diseases would also be put off until later in life.

Another thing that can be put off with later onset menopause would be mood swings, hot flashes, lowered sex drive, anxiety and insomnia. The way the procedure works is, doctors perform keyhole surgery to remove healthy ovarian tissue in a younger woman. The tissue is then frozen until the woman reaches menopause when it is thawed and grafted back into the woman’s body. The tissue is said to restore falling hormone levels and completely delay menopause up to 20 years. If a 25 year old has this procedure, she is more likely to be on the higher end of the delayed menopause whereas when a 40 year old has it, she may only see a 5 year delay in menopause.

The reason doctors know this procedure works is because a similar surgery is routinely performed on young cancer patients as a way to preserve their fertility. The procedure is already being offered to women in the UK through a fertility group. Simon Fishel, an IVF doctor and president of the UK Care Fertility Group, explains how the new procedure can be a game changer for women who decide to have it. He says, “This has the potential to be of significant benefit to any woman who may want to delay the menopause for any reason, or those women who would have taken HRT, and there are lots of benefits around that.”

What do you think of this new procedure that can delay menopause by up to 20 years?

Would you ever consider undergoing a procedure like this?

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Triegler70 by Triegler70 | GAINESVILLE, GA
Nov 22, 2019

I am skeptical of this procedure. Being in menopause myself i would love not having side effects any day.

Zoiebabee by Zoiebabee | LEESBURG, FL
Oct 14, 2019

To put off menopause till it's convenient for you would be absolutely divine!!!!

Apricotdreams by Apricotdreams | CLOVIS, CA
Oct 11, 2019

Amazing!!! What a wonderful way to save women's lives. Yes, I would go through this procedure

Fred1950 by Fred1950 | BUCKEYE, AZ
Sep 04, 2019

Sounds really good!!! As long as this would not cause older women to get pregnant later in life! I would have considered it..... post menopausal right now...

basilandcatnip by basilandcatnip | GARLAND, TX
Aug 30, 2019

Pretty neat, had not heard of this especially in cancer patients. Had to go through similar conversation with godson when he had cancer.