Vacation Must-Haves

   By SheSpeaksTeam  Jul 24, 2013

Whatever your summer vacation plans are - staying in or traveling somewhere, here are some great products to try that our members are raving about! 


Red Box

A movie night in is always a great option whether you are home or traveling. Red Box DVD Rentals are easily accessible and provide great value. 

Red Box DVD Rentals

"I love Redbox! I have never had a problem with any DVDs skipping or not playing. Their customer service takes care of any problems like that. It's easy to forget to bring it back, just like all movie rental stores. I recommend Redbox for the inexpensive movies!" - Charlisha222




Apples to Apples is guaranteed fun for all ages! We, at SheSpeaks, love this game, and highly recommend taking it along with you on your vacation or perhaps starting a new game tradition during you staycation! 

Mattel Apples to Apples Game

"One of the best classic board games out there. A good ice breaker for celebrations and family gatherings, and a great way to get everyone laughing quickly. This game is creative, and suitable for people of all ages." - craftymama3



Edys Fruit Bars

Summer = Heat.  What better way to cool off with a delicious and healthy snack. You just might find a new addictive healthy treat!

 Edy's Fruit Bars

"Amazingly delicious! A must-have this summer on those hot days. I just have to one of these every afternoon, if not my day is not complete! They taste amazing and they don't make you feel guilty after. Great for kids as well!" - klr2177


Colleen Lopez

Whereever you go, whatever the season carrying a great lip balm is always a must. EOS Lip Balm makes a great vacation and staycation travel partner! 

 EOS Lip Balm Sphere

"oh girls have many best friends and this is one of them, they moisturize your lips to the "T" and they are so cute, but try not to drop it once you have opened it or it will make it a funny shape lol" - kuananysha



Venus and Olay Looking for a great razor to ensure smooth and silky legs to show off that new swimsuit or flirty dress? Try this new Venus Olay Razor - pack it in your suitcase, or make it a staple in your home shower.  

Venus Olay Razor

"Loved how smooth and close this shave was! I felt as if the shave lasted a little longer as well! Also i usually always have to moisturize and with this there was no dryness once i dried off, my legs looked smooth and silky." - katiemwebb


We hope you'll try some of our top-rated Summer Vacation or Staycation Must-Haves.

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kngmckellar by kngmckellar | SEBEWAING, MI
Jul 25, 2013

The kids love Apples to Apples game!

QueenOfPlastic by QueenOfPlastic | Pipersville, PA
Jul 24, 2013

Great ideas!

sharon3377 by sharon3377 | MCKNIGHT, PA
Jul 24, 2013

they all sound great.i used a lot of them already.a wonderful ideas.