Turkey Day Dinner Will Be A Little Friendlier To Your Wallet This Year

   By SheSpeaksTeam  Nov 24, 2013

Shopping for Thanksgiving dinner can be a downright expensive endeavor. The bird, depending on how big and what brand you purchase, can cost around the same as a whole weeks worth of groceries. But many of us will be happy to hear reports that this year’s dinner cost is actually down from last year.

Forbes reports about the cost of Turkey Day dinner and how we shouldn’t be surprised to see lower prices at the grocery store this year.

For a dinner crowd of ten people the American Farm Bureau Federation estimates we will spend an average of $49.04 for a full Thanksgiving day feast, which equals about $4.90 per person. This is down by about 44 cents from last year. It may not sound like a lot, but when prices go down rather than up at the grocery store most will count it as a win.

About $50 for a feast for 10 people may also make you guffaw. Depending on what brands you’re buying and whether you tend more toward organic or specialized dietary friendly ingredients, this number can go way up.

Do you think you’ll spend more than $50 on your Thanksgiving feast this year or does this number sound about right?

Please share your budget-friendly Turkey Day tips with us!

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