The Real Casey Baumer Wants Google Docs To Stop Using Her Name

   By SheSpeaksTeam  Jul 19, 2016

If you’ve ever used Google Docs then there’s a good chance you’ve become acquainted with Casey Baumer, the fictional character they use on their resume template. But as it turns out, there is a real Casey Baumer and she’s not too happy about the attention she’s received from people reaching out to her after reading her name on Google Docs.

The Independent reports about Google’s use of the “randomly generated dummy name” and how this has affected the real Casey Baumer over the last two years. The 20 year old Baumer says that at first it was just kind of a funny thing she would joke about with friends, but then she began receiving Facebook messages accusing her of everything from adultery to computer hacking. One woman messaged Baumer saying, “Why does my husbands Google docs have your name all over them?”

She recently became so frustrated from the barrage of messages she would receive from strangers that she reached out on Facebook in order to get in touch with Google officials. She wrote in a post:

“Does anyone work for Google or Google Docs or knows someone who does. PLEASE HELP ME. Google has used my name for all their example docs. Anyone using google docs will see many examples with my name all over it. I get Facebook messages DAILY from people thinking I am having an affair with their husband and left my resumes etc. on their computer. I get messages from people thinking I am hacking their computer. I get messages from people thinking I’m stealing their school work. AND MUCH MORE. If you don’t know anyone, then lets get this post viral hoping Google will see it and #changemyname!!!!!”

Luckily for Baumer, enough people saw her post and Business Insider reached out to her and Google to address the issue. Officials from Google have since removed her name, replacing the space with "Your Name".

What do you think of Casey Baumer’s story?

Do you think Google should have used the typical “John/Jane Doe” to create their template docs?

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LynVazquez by LynVazquez | PALMDALE, CA
Aug 09, 2016

Too funny! What are the odds that name was just randomly generated? I honestly prefer "Your Name"