Should Schools Take Milk Off the Menu?

   By SheSpeaksTeam  Jul 24, 2012

We’ve all heard arguments against serving sugary beverages like certain juices and soda to kids. But there’s a new debate heating up over milk consumption and whether or not the white stuff is actually nutritious or just an overhyped health drink.

Time magazine recently reported about a recent petition drawn up by the doctor’s group Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM) asking the U.S. government to remove milk from the required food group list on the National School Lunch Program. The PCRM argues that since “Milk is high in sugar, high in fat and high in animal protein” any benefits to bone strength are outweighed by the unhealthful content of the beverage.

The PCRM’s stance on milk consumption may be surprising to many who have always lived by the “milk does a body good” motto, but recent research into the real health benefits of this dairy product show that it may not be as healthy as we think.

Studies following both children and postmenopausal women show that whether they drank milk regularly or not both groups had equal chances of suffering fractured bones. President of PCRM, Dr. Neal Barnard explains, “One of the only reasons people talk about dairy, or promote it at all, is because it is going to help build strong bones. Research has now made it abundantly clear that milk doesn’t build strong bone. Whether we are talking about children who are forming bones or older people who are trying to keep their bone integrity, milk doesn’t have a beneficial effect on either one.”

Part of the solution for anti-milk drinkers is for kids to get calcium from other more healthful sources that contain less saturated fats, sugars, and animal protein. But those who argue that milk should stay on the menu at school feel that a lot of kids aren’t getting the nutrients from other foods to begin with and taking away milk would just serve to make matters worse.

What do you think of the current petition to ban milk from school lunches?

Do you feel that milk is an essential part of your family’s diet?

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scatteredmusings by scatteredmusings | BRANDON, FL
Sep 05, 2012

Some children only get milk at school, I think it should stay on menus.

NinaMo by NinaMo | EAST WINDSOR, NJ
Aug 30, 2012

It is possible that it is better for kids to drink water instead of milk...but kids would prefer to drink high sugar fruit juice or soda over water any day! At least milk is a better option then those. Everything is ok as long as it is in moderation. I feel one small carton of milk is a good option for a kid who refuses to eat leafy greens.

mcleeton by mcleeton | CLARENCE, MO
Aug 07, 2012

I think that milk should be kept on the menu at school but I also think that there should be other options such as juice, water, and/or flavored water. Another suggestion would be to offer the nutritional supplement drinks like Boost Kid Essentials if there is a doubt about lack of nutrition without the milk.

moonkitten by moonkitten | Conover, NC
Aug 03, 2012

The food police are at it again. Soon you'll be facing jail time if little Johnny gets caught with a Twinkie.

SchottlerC by SchottlerC | FARMINGTON, MN
Aug 02, 2012

The school systems need to offer healthy options including milk. Many students don't receive a meal this healthy anywhere else and thus it would be sad for them to lose it in the school. Just like every other item in a child's world, we need to stop thinking it is the school's job to administer to our children and take on that job ourselves. It doesn't Matt what the school serves, it matters how much of it and what the child ate. I ask my children what they ate and then plan other meals accordingly making an effort to ensure that they have met good nutritional requirements for that day.

brit2387 by brit2387 | Moira, NY
Jul 30, 2012

This sounds crazy to me. Kids need milk, and I know milk is better than a lot of things kids drink, no matter how much fat or sugar it has. I do think kids should be offered water as an option too though. Or even soy milk or almond milk. Not everyone can drink milk or chooses to drink milk so I do agree that there should be more options, but milk should never be eliminated. That sounds ridiculous.

lupay85 by lupay85 | WESTPORT, CA
Jul 30, 2012

How about nonfat milk?

coldpond by coldpond | LAROSE, LA
Jul 28, 2012

I am a teacher, and at our schools milk is available as 2% chocolate, whole white, 2% white, and fat free white and is included in the price of a lunch. Water is available as a choice for .50 more. I don't think milk should be removed, but I feel that water should be included as a choice at no additional cost.

ajcoupons by ajcoupons | Newark, TX
Jul 27, 2012

I feel milk should still be offered, but maybe they can offer a healthier milk like Organic Valley, or Horizon. Definitely feel water should be offered.

MadHatter by MadHatter | Whitestone , NY
Jul 27, 2012

When i had school lunches I ALWAYS tell them I don't want milk but they always forced me to get milk. and they always goes to waste. I feel so bad for it getting dumped away like that when it could have gone to someone who really needed it. they should focus on HEALTHIER lunches instead of hamburgers, chicken nuggets, pizza and all that other junk.

Alyssarae92293 by Alyssarae92293 | BOYNTON BEACH, FL
Jul 27, 2012

Regular cows milk is not good it has many hormones and is not good for our children. I the schools want to serve milk. They should serve organic milk with no hormones. Hormones are no good, eating organic cost a little more but its better.

stephanmom by stephanmom | NORWICH, NY
Jul 27, 2012

They should keep milk in the schools. If a student can NOT have then they just don't drink it. There are some kids that don't get milk at home at all let alone food. Let the kids who can have milk get the milk. It's good for you. The local schools here supply low fat milk for the students.

donna538 by donna538 | Grand Junction, CO
Jul 26, 2012

Yes along with the choice to have water instead. What are they going to give them to drink...pop?

RavenDeadlocke by RavenDeadlocke | DENVER, CO
Jul 26, 2012

I personally think that they should leave it. Give healthy options too but leave the milk. Stay out of kids home pack "brown bag" lunches too. A mom sends her child what she knows her child will eat. The school should have no right to decide if what mom send is good or not.

babsywabs by babsywabs | Notre Dame, IN
Jul 26, 2012

There will always be the fringe element that claims that milk is not nutritious. Yes, there are those people who are sensitive to cow's milk, and THOSE PEOPLE should not drink it. The rest of us would appreciate it if the few who complain so loudly would just LEAVE OUR CHOICES alone. Yes, allow other options - water, almond milk, soy milk, although soy is a product that some people are sensitive to, as well, and can cause other health issues. (There is some evidence that soy can do damage to the thyroid glands and reproductive organs of those people who are sensitive to the phytoestrogens in the soy.) Milk is not a bad thing, and it's certainly more healthful than soda or highly sugared/hfcs juices.