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SheSpeaks on Springwise

Those with an entrepreneurial spirit will be familiar with which shares smart new business ideas and inspiration from across the globe. Springwise recently featured SheSpeaks as a new business idea and a smart type of "tryvertising". Thanks to Springwise for the review and welcome to those new members, we hope you enjoy voicing your opinions on SheSpeaks.

We believe that SheSpeaks can be much more than a center for product testing and opinions. SheSpeaks aims to connect women to share opinions on many topics and to help those voices make a difference to the products and issues discussed on our boards.

We want opinions of the good and the bad, we will not filter opinions.
SheSpeaks goal is to proactively represent the SheSpeaks members' views and opinions to influence real change.

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  • AnnaJane By AnnaJane

    love that term, "tryvertising"--congrats on the recognition!

  • redshoesnob42 By redshoesnob42

    I have never heard of it, I can't wait to check it out. I have been in business for myself off and on since 1990. Now that I'm almost finished with school, I'll be striking out again. Glad to know there is more help out there than when I first started! Yea She speaks!

  • c5dcc1 By c5dcc1


  • gardengirl10 By gardengirl10

    That's pretty cool, keep getting the She Speaks name out there and we might be getting offers to test drive cars and hit a few vacation spots. Wishful thinking.

  • castellanos22 By castellanos22

    thank ya its amazing

  • duvessa By duvessa

    That is amazing!! Congrats to you all for the great work on your site!! Believe me I am a new member and am having a great time chatting and getting to know people here. Plus the added bonus of getting cool new products to try is a great thing too. Keep up the good work ladies and gentlemen..

  • kyhomebody By kyhomebody

    i do online surveys for cash and gift cards .i had to screne tthrew alot of these sites as many are not true survey sites but rather marketing scams.lately i look up survey sites on survey,though i question some of their reviews i saw this site it was verified as legitimate and followed the link as this tryvertising idea is very intreiging .i signed up today and am anxious to see where shespeaks will lead .i'm excited.i love reading,sewing,crafting,cooking,i love being a homemaker and trying new things.

  • patrossi2004 By patrossi2004

    I love the term ' tryvertising '. That is a very good way to sum up what we do !!

  • MommysWishList By MommysWishList

    I think this website concept could be an effective grassroots marketing venue to reach moms and connect them to each other and to their favorite brands/products. I am anxious to see how this concept develops.

  • felicia1960 By felicia1960

    also a bzzagent, I enjoy trying new products but most importantly giving feedback. I am glad to know many companies want my opinion and I am a great Word of Mouther

  • lindalooking By lindalooking

    I think this is great that business woman can help one another with problem they may have or ideal that would help another woman. Please keep up the good work. I am looking forward hearing other woman talk about their businesses.

  • LadyGodley By LadyGodley

    There was a reference to on (forum/coupons/etc) and I thought I would investigate. I have much experience in using products having raised 5 children and now have 11 grandchildren. I am still working in a private school as Development Coordinator so I am exposed to kids and regularly. :-) I look forward to being part of SheSpeaks.

  • lukzgirl By lukzgirl

    I have also been a Bzzagent for years...and I love the concept of this program tailored towards women!!! Thank you!!

  • Toona54720 By Toona54720

    I also found out through Springwise and was excited to get involved. Women definitely have a special take on things and I think when you concentrate your focus to a particular group, the results will be that much more meaningful. Good luck!

  • cimon0707 By cimon0707

    I found out through springwise as well. Love Springwise and you should be proud to be listed as a spotted new development. I think that a site like this, especially geared to a certain niche, is a great idea!

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