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Spring Fashion on a Budget

on Mar 23, 2010: old navy also has a true straight leg jean that even looks very flattering on a size 16 like i am .they are called diva and are only $20.00 a pair.

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Was Their Mother A Monster?

on Mar 07, 2010: I can't help but be concerned about child abuse in ky it seems like almost everyday there has been another infant killed or badly hurt by its parents.what is wrong with people?

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The End Of The Road For Oprah?

on Feb 21, 2010: I've been very diappointed in this last season of shows since she anounced he ending show the energy is gone and the guests and topics are lame,perhaps shes burned out on doing this show. replacing her would be hard,i think there are too many talk shows as it is ,i'd like to see a different fo…