Re-Invent Yourself!

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Re-Invent Yourself!

Every now and again, SheSpeaks has access to a special opportunity to
offer our members. We are very excited to share an exclusive
invitation from More Magazine to its upcoming More Reinvention
Convention in New York City on October 5th. We love this event because
it is a day entirely dedicated to bettering ourselves. Our whole self.
Who wouldn’t want to spend a day learning how to up seize their
style, amp up their career, finesse their finances and devise a smarter eating plan?

The More Reinvention Convention brings together leading experts in
health, finance, fashion and beauty for a full day of empowering
information and inspiration. This ultimate girls’ day out is hosted by
More editor-in-chief Leslie Jane Seymour, with informative sessions
led by experts like  finance guru Jean Chatzky, More’s consulting
Money Editor; Dr. Pam Peeke, author of Body for Life for Women; real
estate mogul Barbara Corcoran, founder of The Corcoran Group; and Dr.
Gail Saltz, psychiatrist and Today show contributor, among many
others. Former first lady Laura Bush is slated to give the breakfast
keynote address and award-winning screenwriter Nora Ephron along with
her daughter, Delia Ephron, co-writers of the new play “Love, Loss,
and What I Wore,” are on tap to deliver the luncheon keynote. There
will also be great food, fun?and a VIP gift bag!

If you are interested in attending this eye-opening conference, we’d
love to hear briefly why in the comment section below. Which aspects
of your life would you like to rev up or revamp? We want to know.

To find out more about the More Reinvention Convention, visit SheSpeaks
members receive an exclusive $40 off each ticket with the code
“PARTNER.”Reserve a day for yourself!

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  • farmerbrown2002 By farmerbrown2002

    Love to go but I'm from Louisiana.

  • Jtesch0820 By Jtesch0820

    Sounds wonderful, and SO far from Michigan :(

  • MyBloggyMind By MyBloggyMind

    I would LOVE to go, but I could never afford the actual trip. This trip sounds like an amazing experience and is bound to change the lives of some of the attendees. Best wishes to everyone who is attending. If I win the lottery, you will see me there! ;) I agree with some of the others....a different location may be more productive and achievable for members.....I would love to see this conference in Tampa, FL or Jacksonville, FL .

  • mommymomo By mommymomo

    I would love to go as well. Being geographically challenged, I am unable too. Be creative and take a day to yourself or with your friends and make a day of it in your own town!

  • larika101 By larika101

    I would love to go and "revamp" but NY is just to far from where I live. I have to agree that they should consider doing it in smaller places too. Even little BIG cities like Memphis, TN or Little Rock, AR. Places like those that are Big cities but are little compared to others like NYC.

  • Travelerswife By Travelerswife

    I would totally go to Dallas. NY, right now not so much. Why is everything in the big cities? Smaller venues could use the boos in the economy too.

  • momagarry By momagarry

    Sounds like a great opportunity:)

  • kwillia1 By kwillia1

    Really two of them are in Dallas? Do they do any speaking engagements in dallas? I would go to one of the convention if it was in my local area... say Dallas.

  • basilandcatnip By basilandcatnip

    I'd go in a heart beat. ...but why go to NYC when 2 of the speakers live here in Dallas. I adore Nora Ephon, her books are so honest and funny! $245 plus a plane ticket, is a bit much in this economy.

  • gramma By gramma

    sounds like an awesome opportunity! I can't be in NY that day. However, I support everyone that can make it!

  • jessicamac By jessicamac

    Thank you for this offer! I actually read about it in MORE Magazine last year and really wanted to go. I'm going to see if I can make it! I'd love to go.

  • umapat By umapat

    Though I think this would be an enjoyable day, even with the $40 off the ticket for being a infoshespeaks member, $245 is a lot of money to spend right now

  • msphiiia By msphiiia

    This sounds so nice! Its great that women can get together and talk and be inspired.

  • didama By didama

    Thanks for this opportunity! Sounds like a great line up.

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