Passengers Dance in the Aisles To Stave Off Jetlag On New 20-Hour Nonstop Flights

   By SheSpeaksTeam  Oct 23, 2019

David Gray/Getty Images for Qantas

If you’ve ever traveled on a long flight before, you know the pains of sitting still in cramped quarters for hours and hours on end. But imagine spending close to 24 hours on a nonstop flight. Qantas airline is now testing a 20-hour nonstop flight from JFK airport in New York all the way to Australia. And, flight attendants are also testing out ways to keep passengers active and happy on this lengthy flight.

The New York Daily News reports about the long flight that is part of the airline’s study called Project Sunrise to see if passengers can handle being aboard an airplane for close to a full day. On board the test flight, flight attendants worked hard to gauge how their 49 passengers handled the long hours aboard and tried to figure out ways to combat the dreaded jetlag.

One way in which flight attendants encouraged passengers to get their blood flowing (which can be very important on long flights) was to get up out of their seats and dance the day and night away. At one point during the flight, the Macarena was in full swing in the economy cabin. 

The airline is hoping that these 20-hour nonstop flights to Australia will help to make travel faster and more efficient for customers. Even though being on one airplane for that many hours may not seem ideal, it can still beat long layovers and having to take off and land multiple times on one trip.

What do you think of the 20-hour nonstop flights that are now being tested by Qantas?

Would you prefer a long nonstop flight like this or having a layover in between?

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freebiesndeals by freebiesndeals | Ringoes, NJ
Oct 30, 2019

I have always wanted to go to Australia but I am wondering how the airline is going to have that much fuel without making a stop and I don't think dancing for hours will help ease the pain of such a long flight. Whoever has danced in the air?