Newspaper Delivery Man Turns Grocery Delivery Hero For the Elderly

   By SheSpeaksTeam  Apr 17, 2020

CBS News

As the pandemic continues to hit our communities hard, many people have come up with unique ways to help their neighbors. Newspaper delivery driver, Greg Dailey, of New Jersey realized he had many customers that were having an extra hard time getting the supplies and groceries they would need. Dailey decided to reach out a much-needed helping hand to his elderly newspaper customers and deliver more than just the daily paper.

CBS News reports about the grocery delivery service Dailey has been offering to locals in his area of New Jersey and how it all started when he left a note in a neighbor’s newspaper. The note he slipped into the paper read, “My name is Greg Dailey and I deliver your newspaper every morning. I would like to offer my services — free of charge — to anyone who needs groceries.” Many people he reached out to did not even know his name before reading the note.

Dailey says he came to recognize the need when an elderly customer asked if he could pull in closer and leave her newspaper by the garage, rather than further away. Dailey explains, “If she can't get the paper at the sidewalk, which is 20 feet from the house, in this pandemic, how is she going to get the things she needs? So a couple days later I just decided, you know what, I'm going to put this note out.”

The newspaper man has now become a grocery lifeline for almost 100 senior citizens in his community. He carefully shops for all the items on their list and delivers them on porches as to stick with social distancing guidelines. Senior local, Eileen Stein, who is 85 years old and recently widowed greatly appreciates the free service Dailey is providing. She says, “I don't have enough adjectives. He is one of the finest people in the world.” She goes on to gush, calling him the “closest thing to god”.

Dailey is happy to help and feels that he is getting something out of the good deeds as well. He says, “There's something about being able to do something really nice for people.” He also adds that he may not stop helping seniors in this way even after the pandemic has ended.

What do you think of this man’s commitment to the seniors in his neighborhood?

How are you or people in your area helping out during the pandemic?

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Greeneyez by Greeneyez | ALBEMARLE, NC
Apr 26, 2020

Wow! What an amazing man! His commitment to his customers and loyalty to them is very commendable to say the least. Not enough people help our senior citizens out or even take the time to help. This has truly inspired me to do more for my community and reach out more and see what I can do to help some one.