Money Saving Tips

   By moon12216  Mar 12, 2013

With the rising cost of living, petrol cost going up, it has been a hard time to save money- so i have come up with a few tip saving ideas. To help you save money where ever and whenever possible. 

So here you are, five amazing tips to help you save money :

$PullQuote$1. Start Couponing (this has saved me a little bit)

2. Look for things on clearance or on sale when shopping.

3. Check sale ads weekly to see if you have coupons for things on sale at your local stores.

4.Try to save your coupons for when your store is having a sale. I got a skintimate shave gel in full size for less than a buck thanks to a store having a sale and me having a coupon.

5. Find cheap alternatives to things you already buy.  I used to buy Always infinity pads then they came out with the Always radiant infinity pads I have been buying these ever since they came out. I buy the radiant ones because they have coupons in them which helps me save on the next box I buy. The boxes usually have a total of $7.00 off in coupons.  Covergirl coupons, tampax radiant coupon, Always radiant pads coupon, inside.

I know the coupons I have listed have been in every box of Always radiant pads I have bought.  However this isn't for everyone. The radiant ones are scented so if you are allergic to scented products this isn't for you.  In my opinion the Always infinity and Always radiant infinity are the exact same pad except radiant ones are scented.

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PurpleLady123 by PurpleLady123 | RESEDA, CA
Apr 18, 2013

Great tips all around. One thing I would add about the coupons would be to make sure that you are getting the best bang for your buck when using them. Basically, make sure to take note of how much product you can get for the lowest price possible or even free. Sometimes a medium sized tube of toothpaste will be free after coupons, sale price, and double coupons. Sometimes you will end up having to pay a little something for both the medium or the large tube, but in that case, the larger tube might give you more product for the final price you pay. Always pay attention to the bottom line. Bonus tip: contact companies directly for coupons. Whether it be to complain or tell them what a great job they are doing, it never hurts to ask if they have any coupons or even samples of a product available. In our household we have a favorite motto: Closed mouths don't get fed.