Millennials Show Major Love For Couponing

   By SheSpeaksTeam  Jun 20, 2016

Remember when we used to sit around kitchen tables, scissors in hand, clipping out all those little squares of savings? From pennysavers to local newspaper, budget-minded families made coupons a part of every shopping trip. It seems that millennials learned a lot from their parents as they keep couponing alive, but in a much more tech-savvy way.

Bloomberg Businessweek reports about the millennial couponing craze that has kept savings alive in a time where coupons seemed to be going out of style. Maybe it has something to do with all of the student loan debt encouraging millennials to look for deals, but a report from Valassis says that 9 out of 10 millennials use coupons.

Rather than reaching for the scissors and newspaper, millennials turn to the internet to find all the best deals. Websites like RetailMeNot, Groupon and cashback programs like Ebates allow millennials to save big. You’ve probably seen deals where you refer a friend in exchange for credit or goods. Adriana Krasniansky, 23, and friends take advantage of food delivery services offering this type of program. She explains what they do after signing up in order to save the most, “Then we cancel it because we don’t want to pay full price. We’ve all been there. I don’t think most people consider it couponing, but mostly is.”

But just because millennials look for deals online doesn’t mean they’ve gone completely digital. According to a survey by Forrester Research, millennials are more likely to use a paper coupon they receive in the mail than one they find on an app or website. Forrester explains why saying, “Even in today’s digital world, consumers still use paper coupons at a surprisingly high rate, likely because most digital options do not provide a seamless customer experience. Somehow, in the upside-down world of couponing, digital is actually more difficult than paper.”

Do you think millennials are helping to keep couponing alive?

Are you more likely to use paper coupons or coupon codes you find on websites?

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MsVickyB by MsVickyB | GLEN BURNIE, MD
Jul 20, 2016

I know for sure that I am a person that keeps couponing alive. I am a single parent of three children and I believe in saving money. I make my business to use coupons on a regular basis because I try to stick to a budget especially for food and household items. I may have use coupons codes a few times or more, but I also make it a habit to purchase several newspapers on Saturday or Sunday for the sales and coupons to those adds that are on sale.

Staylo45 by Staylo45 | Sharon, SC
Jul 17, 2016

I use both paper coupons and coupon codes. I watch the sales papers and try to buy stuff on sale and add a coupon to it. Being a single mom for so many years, sometimes that was the only way to make it paycheck to paycheck.

arielh by arielh | unsubscribe, TX
Jul 06, 2016

I use paper coupons when I can on the products I use. I have used a few coupon codes but the codes are always hard to find or expire. I don't know if millennials are helping in keeping coupons alive. I need to see more before having a say on it. I don't see it at this time.

Jenn3283 by Jenn3283 | TERRYVILLE, CT
Jun 24, 2016

I rather use paper coupons. But, because I don't currently have a printer I take advantage of the deal sites. Especially ones with good incentives where you can earn rewards. I use Groupon and Retail memory also. Ive never hear of Millennial Couponing Craze but will definitely be checking it out now. Thanks for the info!

JustaSpark by JustaSpark | Mountain Top, PA
Jun 24, 2016

I'd rather use paper coupons, however I do use online coupons too. Especially if I find a good deal on something. But even online it's rare, not to mention the cost of the ink you suck up printing the online coupons out.