Marrying For Money or Love

   By YolandaShoshana  Apr 06, 2012

There are more than a few women that are ready to tie the knot. Do you have any conditions that would stop your walk down the aisle? According to a recent survey by ForbesWoman and YourTango, 75 percent of women would not marry someone who is unemployed while 65 percent of them would not marry someone if they themselves were unemployed.

This survey is quite intriguing due to the fact that more than 91 percent of the women surveyed said they would marry for love and not money.

Do you think that women are sending out a mixed message? We care about money, but we do not care about money. With the economy being a bumpy ride, shouldn’t we be a little more open if the love of our life is not working? After all how many fabulous men come around that actually want to introduce you to your nephew or niece? Probably not too many.

Here is a situation that one of my clients was in: she was madly in love with a great guy. She thought he was the one, her soulmate for life. Due to the bad economy, Mr. Soulmate lost his job and she became the sole bread winner of the household. This new found situation made things extremely tense between the two of them, they started arguing about money and were not even married yet. To make a long story short, the wedding never happened and Mr. Soulmate is now married to someone else while my client is looking for love.
On the flip side, another couple was about two years into their marriage when the man lost his big-time job in film. Years later he is still not worried about finding steady work since his wife has money. It tends to be a sore spot mainly for her since he is lounging around the house.

It boils down to this: you should have the money conversation. It is one of the main reasons why some relationships don't work out. If one of you in the relationship is unemployed it puts the money conversation on the table. There are some couples who never talk money before they tie the knot, because it is not a priority.  Money is a priority, so do not push the difficult conversation to the side. That could end up being a disaster for the two of you in the long run.
First you have to tackle your thoughts about money. When you were growing up, you developed thoughts about how money works from your environment. You are bringing all of those thoughts into your relationships. For instance, do you think that men should make more money than women? If you do not have your own money coming in, do you feel less than your partner? The list goes on and on.
Be honest with yourself about your thoughts and fears about money. Once you know where your thoughts and ideas come from you can have better communication with your partner about how being unemployed will effect your choices together.
If you find yourself in the predicament of deciding whether or not you will get married due to one of you being unemployed, what always works is listening to your gut. It is for better or worse. The worst is having to confront this issue, but doing so only makes it better for you in the long run.

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elicabeta by elicabeta | Miami, FL
Apr 14, 2012

@adtirey you are seeing this from a different perspective. Because u are a stay at home mom AND a woman, it's ok to be "unemployed" because guys expect to be the breadwinner of the house. However for ladies, especially ones that don't hold important or big $ jobs, they expect the guys to be the breadwinner of the house. If your fiance were to be a stay-at-home and u were the working one, I don't think you would like that. Women for the most part marry for love, not money. Generally this means whether you would like to marry the rich guy you don't love or the poor guy you do love. If I love the guy, I don't care if he's poor but I would also hope for him to have a job so that we both can contribute to the household. So in the case of the article example, if the guy is unemployed, he should think about getting a job first before he thinks about marriage. The lady should wait for the guy to find work before getting married.

hugsnkisses by hugsnkisses | Montclair, CA
Apr 11, 2012

While you can fall in love with someone who is unemployed, you can't live off of LOVE. Unless you are willing to be a sugar daddy/momma marrying someone who is unemployed is bad timing. Wedding are expressive and children even more so. I would love for my husband to be a stay at home dad realistically we could not keep the lifestyle we are accustomed to with my salary. A marriage should be a life time commitment, you can post pone it until your significant other secures job.

ilovesummerX by ilovesummerX | Las Vegas, NV
Apr 06, 2012

In reference to the above comment, why on earth would you marry someone that's unemployed. That means absolutely no stability whatsoever, and what if the person doesn't even care to look for a job. I know I would never marry someone that didn't have a job, that would be ridiculous.

adtirey by adtirey | FRANKLIN, IN
Apr 06, 2012

I definitely see mixed signals here. "I'll marry him because I love him, but, not if he doesn't have a job." Really? Sounds like marrying for money. Myself, I don't work. I stay home with my daughter. But I'm getting married in 5 weeks.

zenfulwoman by zenfulwoman | West Babylon, NY
Apr 06, 2012

Thank you for that article