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The Other Mom: Do Differing Parenting Styles Ruin Friendships?

on Apr 06, 2012: It's entirely possible to be friends with someone with a different parenting style. Saying otherwise is like saying democrats can't be friends with republicans, single people can't be friends with married people, women can't be friends with men. That's just dumb.
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When Diaper Duty Calls...

on Apr 06, 2012: If I'm somewhere without a changing table, I change her in the back of our van. Lie down a blanket, plop her down, no harm done. I've had to change her on a bathroom floor once, even with a blanket, and it just felt gross.
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Are Teens with ADHD Safe Behind the Wheel?

on Apr 06, 2012: I agree that, at 16, no kids should be driving unsupervised. Keep the permit laws: no driving at night, no cell phones PERIOD, and only with an adult in the car, until 18.
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