Jennifer Garner and Halle Berry Speak Out In Defense of Their Children

   By SheSpeaksTeam  Aug 21, 2013

In the past we have reported about actress Halle Berry’s support of limiting paparazzi access to children and putting a stop to their aggressive behavior. Both Jennifer Garner and Berry are now taking their grievances to court urging California lawmakers to get behind them in their fight.

Entertainment Wise reports about the bill, named SB696, that would ban photographers from following and photographing children of celebrities unless they receive prior consent from their guardian. Famous actress and mother of three, Garner, explains a typical day trying to navigate the streets with her kids. She says, “Paparazzi swarm, large aggressive men swarm us causing a mob scene yelling jockeying for position crowding around the kids while running over other parents and children unfortunate enough to be nearby, including one poor three-year-old who was knocked to the ground by one of our paparazzi cameras outside my kids preschool.” She adds, “My 17 month old baby is terrified and cries and my four-year-old say why do they never smile and never go away they are always with us.”

If the bill passes it would have a serious impact on media, including websites, magazine articles, and blogs dedicated to the life and times of a celebrity’s child. One popular Tumblr known as Suri’s Burn Book parodies the young child of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes and features many photos of other children of celebrities often commenting on their fashion choices in a humorous way. Paparazzi often catch these children in the middle of temper tantrums and use photos to write an entire narrative about their disposition.  Some argue that daily interactions like this can make it very difficult for these kids to live normal healthy lives.  But others feel it is the parent's job to protect their kids, keeping them out of the spotlight, and they should have chosen a different profession if they didn't want their kids to be so exposed.

What do you think about the current laws regarding paparazzi access to the children of celebrities?

Would you support a bill in favor of banning paparazzi from photographing children without the consent of their parents?

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larael by larael | LAUREL, MT
Sep 26, 2013

children should not, under any circumstances, be bullied or made to be afraid just because of their parent's occupation choice.

trynitey by trynitey | NORTH PORT, FL
Aug 30, 2013

Most definitely I would support it! Celebrities are people too and no kid needs to be subjected to the way those paparazzi are.