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Is Kate Gosselin A Coupon Clipping Expert?

SS Member Image By drodriguez 11.03.11
Is Kate Gosselin A Coupon Clipping Expert?
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Who better to take coupon-clipping advice from than a single mom raising 8 kids, right? Though Kate Gosselin’s bank account probably looks significantly different than most of ours, she’s definitely been around the block when it comes to scrimping and saving to provide for her large family.

So it makes sense that the “Kate Plus 8” star has a new gig blogging for a website called Coupon Cabin where she offers her money-saving advice to families across the country. The reality mom has also been photographed in the past using coupons for personal shopping and tells E!, “No matter how much money you have, it's just smart to use coupons. It's like free money in your pocket.”

Gosselin says she started clipping coupons before becoming a mom and apparently the habit stuck. Gosselin explains, “One week, I remember saving more than half my grocery bill that week with coupons. I was beyond thrilled.” And, as many couponing pros out there already know, an experience like that is all you need to become hooked on couponing for life.

Kate Gosselin’s first blog post will be about holiday shopping and debuts on Coupon Cabin November 22nd.

What do you think of Kate Gosselin’s new gig as a coupon-clipping expert?

Would you take this mom’s money-saving advice?

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  • chickmomma By chickmomma

    I am afraid I have to agree that she really shouldn't be commenting on saving money when she portrays someone who spends a lot of it. I agree that everyone should use coupons, but not everyone should be telling other people how to save money. I will take my advise from a woman in my same financial position with the same spending habits any day, before I will take it from her. Sorry Kate, but just not a good idea.

  • Kylava By Kylava

    She's no expert in that field, IMHO. And, NO, I wouldn't take ANY advice from her. Oh, and did I say, NO!!!!!

  • jamiebreeden84 By jamiebreeden84

    Oh I'm sure she clips coupons... Why would she when people just "donate" to her... No advice please! Take the spot light off her! Yuck

  • savingsmania By savingsmania

    I think she is taking this blogging job away from someone else who deserves it and knows what they are talking about. She is not committed to couponing, she is just doing it for attention.

  • reachout By reachout

    While I would never bother reading what she has to say about saving money, I do think she is using the opportunity to make money. Can't fault her for that as she does need to bring in the income to support those children. Like many who have had a bit of time in the spotlight, when the spotlight starts to fade, money from any source looks good.

  • Doll5272 By Doll5272

    I never saw Kate using coupons until she realized she was going to be using her job at TLC and I don't know that I would feel comfortable taking couponing advice from someone's whom bank account and need for the public spotlight like hers lol That is just my two cents lol

  • NanaKat48186 By NanaKat48186

    odd ... my daughter never missed ONE of the episodes of Kate and her show, Never ONCE saw her use a coupon. That said. I agree, she wants another 15 minutes of fame. I don't plan to read one article she post/blogs because I don't believe she is genuine.

  • TinaRofo By TinaRofo

    I was going to comment, but really - just agree with everyone here - it's all a big show for Kate

  • heatherv112506 By heatherv112506

    Out of all of the shows I have watched ( Kate Plus 8 and John & Kate plus 8) I had never even heard her mention 1 time anything having to deal with couponing. Who knows, maybe she has, maybe she hasn't. Me personally, no I don't think she has and I feel it's another reason for her to stay in the spotlight due to her show being canceled.

  • blueeyes1 By blueeyes1

    I wonder how she is going to find coupons for her expensive plastic surgeries, designer clothes and handbags, personal bodyguards, and expensive trips around the world. Uugg - I would not trust any shopping advice from someone who has no clue about life is really like.

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