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Have You Cut the Cable Cord?

SheSpeaksTeam By SheSpeaksTeam 08.30.12
Have You Cut the Cable Cord?
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Looking to tighten budgets and save money can start with figuring out ways to lower monthly bills or even cut out certain bills and services you can do without. Many families have already seen the savings from cutting out landline service and relying solely on cell phones and now a lot of us are cutting the cable cord as well.

Instead of doing without TV all together, many families are turning to internet options that can provide entertaining shows and movies for a fraction of the cost of a monthly cable bill. With the help of internet tutorials, users can connect their online accounts so that they can view movies and TV shows directly to their TV’s. A recent MarketWatch report discusses the growing trend of cutting out cable in favor of online options like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Instant. And the trend is definitely on the upswing as Bernstein Research reports that cable and satellite companies lost more than 670,000 customers in the quarter.

Though having access to hundreds of cable and satellite channels is something many would not want to do without, others who have managed to cut the cable cord have found the commercial free online entertainment options to be just as (if not more) satisfying. CNET reviewer, Matthew Moskovciak, recently wrote, “Sometimes the cord-cutting experience is just flat-out better than having cable. The 100% commercial-free experience (which you get on Netflix, Amazon Instant, and iTunes) particularly lends itself to high-quality cable shows like “Mad Men,” which I can’t imagine watching with commercial breaks.”

Have you cut out cable or satellite and turned to online options like Netflix in an effort to lower your monthly spending?

Do you miss cable or have you been satisfied with other ways to find entertainment?



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  • maineac By maineac

    Have not done so yet... but desperately want to, with the right options available.

  • MamaRhonda By MamaRhonda

    Cable is expensive, but unfortunately we aren't cutting ours just yet. Our package has internet as well, so it's probably cheaper to keep them bundled. Also, with 2 kids addicted to Nick Jr & Disney, I don't think that those would be the best alternatives. If it was just me, then maybe I would but our family of 4 its just not doable.

  • noellenyny8403 By noellenyny8403

    it would be great if cable companies offer an al a carte option where u pay for the channels you want only instead of a lineup u don't even watch 10% of the channels in. I've been saying this a while but nobody listened yet. :-(

  • princessbt By princessbt

    We have Dish which is much cheaper than the cable. We might do so one day, but that day is not here yet.

  • mamatomom By mamatomom

    We cut out cable almost two years ago and haven't looked back. We use cable internet so we kept the basic local 8 channels and still get the bundled price for the web access. Our bill dropped from more than $100.00 a month to around $40.00. We use Netflix and Hulu for most of TV needs. My daughter was six when we made the switch and still hooked on Nick Jr and Disney. I know that most of the Nick Jr programming is available streaming through Netflix. I'm not sure about Disney, but there are lots of alternatives. If you have a gaming system or TV that stream Netflix, you aren't losing much by cutting the cord.

  • smiley123 By smiley123

    We got rid of our satelitte tv. We do not miss it at all, realized how little tv we actually watched. we watch tv with a converter box, or watch on-line using various options. We certainly do not miss the bill.


    We haven't had cable for over 3 years and love it! We have an antenna and get most major networks that way. We had Netflix for a while, but stopped when they changed their plan. Now we just check out lots of things from the library. Free!

  • poohbear10219 By poohbear10219

    We got rid of our cable and don't regret it at all. We have Netflix which is great for our son. And now we watch way less TV.

  • humblefoodsnob By humblefoodsnob

    We haven't had cable for 6 years now and we very rarely miss it. We don't like American tv so aside from one or two shows on the Travel channel or Discovery we couldn't care less about cable. The few shows we do like (American and British) are on Hulu or a number of other free tv sites and our kids can watch shows on Youtube, etc. We do Netflix on & off when we have the extra cash but we don't go to movie theaters because most of the movies are stupid, low brow comedy or vapid, poorly written supposed "love" stories that are nothing but meaningless sex with the thinnest of story lines to give them a cover and not have to label the movie as porn. Come to think of it, all of that describes today's tv shows too. Why would we want to spend money on cable when we can just read?!?!

  • carrielyndall By carrielyndall

    We cut our cable last month, and surprisingly don't miss it. We have a roku player and a netflix and hulu plus account, so I can still keep up with a few shows that I don't want to miss. At first we missed having the news on in the evenings, but we keep up with the news via radio and internet now. We've spent more time together as a family and still sit down and watch television, too. We save almost $100 a month now, and have no regrets!

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