Finding the Perfect Fit Online: Amazon's Quest to Understand Body Shape

   By SheSpeaksTeam  May 09, 2018

In an effort to give customers the perfect fit, Amazon is undertaking a serious effort to study individual body size and how clothing looks on all of our unique shapes and sizes. Armed with 3-D body scanning technology, the shipping giant is asking a number of volunteers to participate in a study measuring the way our bodies change over a period of weeks and months.

The Wall Street Journal reports about Amazon’s effort to study body size and how it relates to better-fitting clothing for customers. Though many people now purchase clothing online, it can be hard to find the right fit. When ordering online - there is no fitting room, just a hope and a prayer that those jeans will fit in all the right places. And since Amazon offers free shipping and in many cases free returns, the cost for them can be quite a lot.

Enter Amazon’s new 3-D body scanning unit and a call out for people to participate in a 20 week study that will periodically take 3-D body scans. Participants will meet semi-monthly and are offered a $250 gift card to shop on Amazon for taking part in the program. The pre-study survey taken by participants states, “We are interested in understanding how bodies change shape over time.”

Amazon is “currently making statistical 3-D models of human bodies, which it will then match to images and videos of people via deep-learning algorithms.” Producing clothing to fit a larger and more realistic variety of shapes and sizes can in turn make online shopping easier with less of a need to use the free return policy. Susan Ashdown, a professor at Cornell University who has studied clothing sizing and body scanning technology, explains that producing truly well-fitting clothing is a lot more difficult than it seems. She says, “It’s much more complicated than anyone imagines.” Ashdown adds, “How you hold your shoulders, the angle of your hips—everything feeds into how well your clothes fit you.”

What do you think of Amazon’s latest efforts to study body sizing and the way clothing fits our unique shapes?

Would you be more willing to purchase clothing online from a retailer who uses 3-D body scanning technology?

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Kitykat10 by Kitykat10 | MOUNT MORRIS, IL
Sep 29, 2021

That would be a great idea because alot of people dont have time to go in the stores.

Sissy2093 by Sissy2093 | Princeton, WV
Aug 25, 2018

I thi k this would be great because right now Amazon's sizing is a little off at times and really needs help

mrobin77 by mrobin77 | SOUTHSIDE, AR
Jul 30, 2018

This is the best idea ever!! I would definitely want to and be more willing to order items from retailers who offered this. I have a curvy body shape...big bubble but and thighs but a small waist. It is very hard to find clothing of any type with a shape like nine. I am so excited to try this.

Jwyatt2328 by Jwyatt2328 | PEARLAND, TX
Jul 09, 2018

Currently Amazons sizing is all over the place. I think due more to all of the products being made from all different companies and countries. Anything to help close the gap between the variance would be awesome.

Warprize by Warprize | WYLIE, TX
Jul 05, 2018

I personally believe this is the way of the future. We all know technology is just getting better every year and this is proof. Finally a way of relief for Mothers or those bigger women who can't find the right jeans or dress online. The way it is right now we pray it fits or at least looks like the picture. This uncertainty is what holds us back costing the company a potential client/ customer. If this technology is available and works I would be delighted. I would be more than willing to shop with any retailer using this technology.

bekkah1972 by bekkah1972 | LAPEER, MI
Jun 15, 2018

i think that is great and I would most surely buy clothes from such suppliers.

kimmycoo99 by kimmycoo99 | WILMINGTON, NC
Jun 11, 2018

This is pretty awesome and innovative!

mara83 by mara83 | West Richland, WA
May 14, 2018

Good try because Amazon sizing is really off!