Shoppers Can Thank Amazon For Big Price Cuts At Whole Foods

   By SheSpeaksTeam  Aug 30, 2017

Many thrifty shoppers find themselves avoiding specialty grocery stores like Whole Foods due to higher costs on organic products. But after Amazon’s recent takeover of the supermarket chain, falling prices may attract new customers looking for a deal on the healthy offerings.

CNN reports about some of the new deals Whole Foods is offering now that Amazon is steering the ship. Many food products at 460 new Whole Foods stores saw big price reductions after Amazon recently purchased the chain for $13.7 billion.

Shoppers won’t just be saving pennies since many of the price cuts are pretty dramatic, with some reported up to 43 percent off. Fresh Atlantic Salmon is $5 cheaper, now only $9.99 per pound. CNN also reports, “Organic bananas are now 69 cents (down from 99 cents). Avocados, which used to cost $2.99 each, are now $1.49 each. Organic brown eggs are $3.99 per dozen, down from $4.39. Butter was cut from $5.29 to $4.49.”

Many other Whole Foods staples are seeing price cuts as well. Their almond butter (now $6.99) and rotisserie chicken (now $7.99) are a full dollar cheaper than before. You may also notice other changes at your local Whole Foods that is very indicative of an Amazon take over. While picking up a bag of organic apples, keep an eye out for a selection of “farm fresh” gadgets - you can now pick up a discounted Amazon Echo device along with your produce.

What do you think of the price cuts at Whole Foods after Amazon’s recent purchase of the company?

Are you more likely to shop at Whole Foods now that Amazon has reduced many of the prices?

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Rahne92 by Rahne92 | SAVANNAH, GA
Sep 17, 2017

I'm so excited. When it's just my husband, daughter, and I again, and we're more stable and don't have to buy quite as much food for our household, I've already decided that we're definitely going to be purchasing more from Whole Foods thanks to this merger and we're going to be able to provide a much better nutritious home for our little girl and ourselves.