Financial Resources During COVID-19 Pandemic

SheSpeaksTeam By SheSpeaksTeam 06.05.20
Financial Resources During COVID-19 Pandemic
The Coronavirus pandemic has affected all of our lives - and one huge repercussion from the virus has been the impact on the economy and personal finances.

Jean Chatzky (best-selling author and host of the HerMoney podcast) has teamed up with The Alliance for Lifetime Income for a weekly Facebook Live series to discuss the changing financial landscape and retirement. The Alliance for Lifetime Income is a non-profit organization founded by some of the nation's leading financial services organizations, including Prudential.

If you've missed Jean Chatzky's Facebook Live broadcasts, a few of our top picks are linked below. We have appreciated Jean's 30-minute, easy-to-follow conversations with knowledgeable experts and we think they are a great resource for all SheSpeaks members. Tune in below. 

Racial Differences in Personal Finance

Financial Wellness in a Volatile Market:

Managing Your Money in a Crisis:

Lessons Learned from the 2008 Recession:

How to Stop COVID-19 from Wreaking Havoc on Your Retirement Plans:

Planning for Medical Costs in Retirement:

Good news: Jean Chatzky will be hosting more Facebook Live conversations soon. Check our Facebook page, or watch for upcoming emails for the details.

What personal finance issues would you like to learn about in an upcoming Facebook Live? Do you have questions for Jean Chatzky?

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Prudential.

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