Feeding the Hungry With Dignity

   By didama  Mar 20, 2014

For the millions of people who go hungry each day, finding meals is a challenge.  Finding healthy meals, served in a dignified manner?  Well, that seems more like a dream than reality.  As it turns out, there is an amazing organization that is dedicated to doing just that, every day.  Masbia is an organization that has one goal: Feed New York City's hungry with quality meals in a dignified manner.

Masbia's founder, Alexander Rapaport, describes Masbia's 3 kitchens run throughout New York City as "restuarants with no cash registers".  Masbia was founded in 2005 and feeds 1,000 people per day via their three locations.  Masbia, a non-profit, relies on donations of food and money to help run their operation.


Watch their story inspiring story below.  To learn more about Masbia and see how you can help, please visit Masbia's site.

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