Driverless Cars Look More Attractive With Lower Insurance Rates

   By SheSpeaksTeam  Nov 20, 2013

Though some of us may have a hard time putting our trust in a car that drives itself, driverless cars may be the way of the future - especially if it means lower insurance rates and safer roads. A recent survey of 2,000 drivers shows that more and more of us are warming up to the idea of these robot cars. conducted the survey that finds one in five drivers would embrace a driverless car if it was a safe option. That number rises to a whopping 90% of drivers willing to give up control of the wheel (or at least consider it) if insurance rates were reduced.

Google has been making headlines with the driverless fleet of cars that are currently riding up and down west coast highways. Recent reports claiming driverless cars are safer than human drivers has peaked a lot of interest in predicting the future of automobiles. Though it may be a slow process of giving up driver control, most experts agree that driverless cars will one day dominate the roadways.

Enhanced safety and saving money on car insurance are definitely pluses to many drivers, but drivers who took the survey were also interested in perks like a dedicated driverless lane on the highway and 50% reduced commute time.

Though many surveyed would consider the driverless car as an option, the majority of us are not ready to put all of our trust into a robot. About 64% of respondents said driverless cars are not capable of the same quality of decision making as human and 75% said they could drive a car better and would not trust the car to take the kids to school.

Do you think driverless cars will be safer than human driven cars and are the way of the future?

Would you consider buying a driverless car if insurance rates were drastically reduced?

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cpatino by cpatino | Michigan City, IN
Nov 23, 2013

This is one of those things that would take some getting used to. Honestly, it does scare me even thinking about it. I know that our world is becoming even more knowledgeable about technology and I have nothing against that. There are just some things, such as these driverless cars, that I just do not know about. Seems very dangerous to me.

mommy12 by mommy12 | ELIZABETH CTY, NC
Nov 23, 2013

Oh yes...I would definitely consider buying a driverless car. But after reading the first comment, I'm not too sure. Scary?! I would have to try it firsthand.

basilandcatnip by basilandcatnip | GARLAND, TX
Nov 20, 2013

No. We have a brand new vehicle with computer controlled 8-speed transmission, brakes etc. I don't like it. I complained to service advisor at dealership, he also had been looking at purchasing same vehicle and decided against for the very reasons I don't like this vehicle. I find it dangerous.