Driverless Cars Hit the Nevada Streets

   By drodriguez  May 15, 2012

The idea of spotting a car speeding along the highway and realizing there is no driver may become more reality than nightmare. Forbes reports about Google’s move to license driverless cars in the state of Nevada.

Google will now begin to experiment with driverless vehicles in Nevada before they expand the use of these kinds of cars. You will know if you see one because they are all marked with a distinctive red license plate and an infinity symbol on the side.

Department Director Bruce Breslow explains the reason for the red plates and symbol on the driverless cars. Breslow says, “I felt using the infinity symbol was the best way to represent the ‘car of the future. The unique red plate will be easily recognized by the public and law enforcement and will be used only for licensed autonomous test vehicles. When there comes a time that vehicle manufacturers market autonomous vehicles to the public, that infinity symbol will appear on a green license plate.”

Though the idea of driverless cars becoming mainstreamed into the flow of traffic across the nation makes some people uneasy, the new automation may actually prove to be safer for drivers who talk on cell phones or get behind the wheel while intoxicated. The design is similar to cruise control in that a driver simply has to tap on the brakes to put the car back in manual mode.

What do you think of Google licensing these driverless cars in Nevada?

Do you think this type of automated vehicle will be the way of the future?

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Loopylisa by Loopylisa | EUGENE, OR
Jan 20, 2014

It would be different but may be a good thing as long as there are no accidents, like we have car accidents now maybe this will be a big improvment

Urangellea by Urangellea | GREENEVILLE, TN
May 20, 2012

I don't think there is enough information in this article about the mechanics of how the driverless car would work. I mean, what is the intention here? To drive your kids around for you so you don't have to? or would it require an adult to be in the car in order for it to operate? Without being given full disclosure on how it would work, i would have to conclude that it sounds like a bad idea with too many ways to be misused. But i'm sure google is ahead of me on those worries.

ganabear by ganabear | Carlisle, MA
May 17, 2012

I think it's a mixed plan; if they can come up with a way to make sure the cars are unhackable for safety purposes, they are great. It would eliminate most traffic, accidents, etc. People would have more time and elderly/disabled people would have better social activities.

heather55 by heather55 | braselton, GA
May 16, 2012

I think it would be great for people who couldn't driver for medical issues