Domino's New Burger-Pizza, Could This Be the Fast-Food Treat of Your Dreams?

   By SheSpeaksTeam  Jul 25, 2016

Ever feel like you just can’t decide whether you want a juicy burger or a decadent cheesy pizza? Well, thanks to Domino’s, some customers can have both! The new burger-pizza is currently being launched in India where it looks a lot like a burger (sans the patty) sandwiched between two pieces of herb encrusted bread.

Mashable reports about the burger-pizza that includes your basic pizza ingredients like mozzarella, herbs and tomato sauce but sandwiched between a large bun. Though it’s being reported that the burger-pizza is being made specifically for Domino’s in India according to the palettes of their customers, it’s not so far-fetched to think about how well-received the convergence of those two fast-food delights would go over here in the states.

But if the mixed reviews are to be trusted, it looks like Domino’s needs to rethink the recipe before expanding the menu option to more countries around the globe. Photos of the pizza sandwich on Instagram were captioned with some negative reviews like one who wrote, “The {Not so Good} BURGER Pizza from @Domino’s is not as great as depicted . It doesn't really satisfy your taste buds.” Another person thought the added herbs were a mistake writing on Instaram, “The all new burgerpizza from @Domino’s ....i'm dominos fan..but this time got disappointed from this one....not so good thing...lots of unwanted herbs on the top of bun...and the taste of sauce inside bun doesn't satisfy my tastebuds....but u can try it once.”

Of course, if you look at past moves from the pizza giant - there’s a pretty good chance Domino’s will consider listening to their critics and tweeking their burger-pizza to make something truly amazing.

What do you think of the idea of a burger-pizza?

If Domino’s came out with this menu item in the U.S. would you give it a try?

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natasaangelidou by natasaangelidou | Thessaloniki, OU
Oct 06, 2016

Yummy! In Greece though where I live domino's is not that good :-(

Starla4206 by Starla4206 | N MYRTLE BCH, SC
Sep 18, 2016

I'm always up for trying new things and this sounds interesting.

Teecee by Teecee | PITTSBURGH, PA
Aug 26, 2016

yes it sounds yummy

shesmiles11550 by shesmiles11550 | Hempstead, NY
Jul 28, 2016

I would try it but need some veggies to entice me.