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Footwear Trends We Can't Wait To Slip Into This Fall + Our #NewShoeGiveaway!

on Oct 10, 2016: Horrible!! Socks & heels?? And they call that fashion? Where is the fashion police then? Fashion should be flattering!

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Brangelina: The Divorce that Broke the Internet

on Oct 10, 2016: It is amazing how 2 people can bring down the internet! Especialy when it is 2 mediocre actors that have just been lucky during their lives! The whole planet is wondering why these 2 are getting divorced when there are so many true problems! So sad..

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Sleepless Nights? Coffee Probably Won't Help Wake You Up In The Morning

on Oct 10, 2016: Nothing can replace a good night's sleep! Our organization is like a computer, it needs to shut down and cool off before rebooting and functioning properly. As for coffee is concerned I think it's all in our head but since every organization is different, coffee might indeed help some wake up. I…