Can't Buy Me Love This Valentine's Day

   By drodriguez  Feb 11, 2009

Many of us are finding that we will have to curb our spending this Valentine’s Day.  This may be difficult for some who have become accustomed to giving and receiving big-ticket items or hitting the town for fine dining and entertainment on this day.  Just because you are cutting back this February 14th does not mean you will have to cut out the romance.  The good thing about romantic moments is they are free.

The Today Show contributor Laura Coffey recently offered 10 tips on how to have a fun and inexpensive Valentine’s celebration with your loved ones.  One idea for those looking to save a buck is to just stay in and relax together.  Since Valentine’s Day falls on a Saturday this year you can plan a whole day of relaxation and romance at home. 

If you and yours like to dine in a formal setting, put on your best dress and light some candles.  Spreading a picnic blanket out in the living room can add charm to the occasion.  Make sure you take care of all the preparations a day or two in advance like shopping for your favorite foods, renting movies, and cleaning the house.  If you have children and it is at all possible, try and get a sitter to watch them even if it is only for a couple hours. 

Coffey also has tips for those who would prefer to get all dressed up and go out on the town.  Rather than spending loads of money at an expensive restaurant, eat dinner at home and hit the restaurant for dessert or a nightcap. This way you can enjoy the romantic ambiance without having to break the bank. 

A great gift idea from the list is to exchange gift certificates with your partner to be redeemed for special services like cooking a nice meal or giving a back rub.  You can get creative with this, you know your mate better than anyone else.  This gift is personal and can mean a lot more than a material item purchased from a store.

For a complete list of the fun and frugal Valentine’s Day ideas offered by the Today Show you can visit

What do you think of the tips offered above on how to have fun and save money on Valentine’s Day?

Have you made some inexpensive romantic plans for you and yours this Valentine’s Day that you’d like to share?

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robotics1881 by robotics1881 | paterson, NJ
Aug 14, 2009

This is a good tip.It can actually get you closer with you mate. Theres no need for fancy resturants or vacations.What really counts is spending Valentine Day with your love one.

candy_apple1990 by candy_apple1990 | Caro, MI
Feb 24, 2009

I love the tip about getting dressed up and having a picnic in the livingroom. I think that is a great idea! Not only is it inexpensive, but it's romantic, and more personal than going out to eat. If my fiance were to do something like that for me, I would be tickled pink.

AllieZiekle by AllieZiekle | CHANDLER, AZ
Feb 23, 2009

We used Restaurants.Com to buy discounted gift certificates for a lovely dinner. We had drinks and appetizers at home to cut down on out of pocket expense. We shared an entre, beverage, and dessert. We were able to use a gift card for movie tickets. No need for popcorn, we were stuffed from dinner!! I'm going out on a limb here. My hubby tattoed my name on his body (his lower neck/shoulder). This was something we had talked about but hadn't decided on until the day of...

highlights by highlights | PATERSON, NJ
Feb 16, 2009

The ideas mentioned in the article were great. I am baking cookies this Valentine's Day .

mousie by mousie | Erial, NJ
Feb 15, 2009

My husband and I don't always get each other much...this valentines Day he surprised me and gave me a gold plated long stem rose and a gift certifcate to a Spa. Those little surprises mean more then we think..... Lately we rarely have anytime to say Hello. And when we do talk we don't have very much to say or anything nice to say. I have not had the energy to do much for the past month so I never got the gift certicate for the Harley shop he loves, just a card. But our sons wife had plans for our son so he gave us his Flyers tickets. We went and saw a great game, to us this is a rare opportunity. I will go get that gift cert. this week....just hope I have the energy.

RosemaryV by RosemaryV | Brunswick, MD
Feb 14, 2009

We do small things for Valentines Day and don't make it a huge thing. We will go out to dinner using gift cards we have saved for special occasions, and I'll make my honey a cake. He bought me a small bag of chocolate and I sent ecards to several friends. After all, love is really what matters at this holiday! : )

chilady76 by chilady76 | unsubscribe, IL
Feb 13, 2009

I bought my hubby a nice assortment of cookies from his fav online store. The store delivered them much quickly than I expected. He loved them regardless. However, he's going to be in for a wonderful surprise that I will never be able to top! I just found out a few days ago that I'm pregnant with our first child. It's taken every ounce of willpower not to tell him yet, and hiding symptoms. I plan to buy a 'I love daddy' bib & other small items to place in a Valentine's gift bag and surprise him tomorrow.

llauren321 by llauren321 | Berwyn Heights, MD
Feb 12, 2009

In the DC area valentine's day dinners cost at LEAST $100 a pop! Therefore the sig other and I are hitting up a movie theater and making a home-cooked meal. This way we feel like we are getting out without having to spend a lot of money. Last year we bought card-making materials and laughed while we glued together kindergarden-like cards, it was a good time. ALSO - Target dollar bins are the BEST place for valentine themed ideas!

pplumadore by pplumadore | HAVERTOWN, PA
Feb 12, 2009

Making it a special day is so important to show the one you love just how much. I love the ideas........dont forget the candles!

ticklemeusilly by ticklemeusilly | Louisville, KY
Feb 12, 2009

We are cutting back again this year we will be eating at home, I am baking a cute cake for desert and making my own candy for a box and having a simple movie night the kids will be off with friends, so all will be good.

jenndta69 by jenndta69 | SHERMAN OAKS, CA
Feb 11, 2009

Put the kids to bed early, wear something nice, get a bottle of wine with some cheese and fruit. All will be good. You don't need a lot of money, just a lot of imagination.

romack by romack | Brooklyn, NY
Feb 11, 2009

In general, I don't go for Valentine's Day. It's a day that should not exist because it should be practiced all year long. I think the ideas are helpful as long as both people are on the same page.

am_i_lost by am_i_lost | Centralia, IL
Feb 11, 2009

I like the tips offered but i doubt my husband would go for them. We are going to have Valentine's Day on Sunday since he has to work Saturday. We plan to maybe grill and relax at home, just a card or something very small; candy maybe; I am going to bake him a cake. He has a huge sweet tooth. I'm just hoping that; even though I do enjoy it; that there is not a Nascar race on Sunday because if there is I will be ignored most of the day!