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Saving More at the Supermarket

on Sep 07, 2009: There aren't as many good coupons today as there were years ago, yet I still use coupons , and I buy items on sale each week that I need and have coupons for. I save over $200 each month and that is over $2400 each year. I make sure we are stocked up for weeks and I buy food for holidays months …

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Should Burqas Be Banned?

on Sep 07, 2009: If that is the way the muslims wish to live, they should move back to their original nation. People who had moved to other nations have had to change their culture for hundreds of years. When the Germans moved to America the knickers vanished, that is just one thing out of hundreds of items pe…

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We Secretly Want More Than The Salad

on Sep 07, 2009: I was a size 3 most of my life. I did not eat much, beacuse I ate slow. It took me an hour to eat each meal. After my last son was born, I had to learn to eat fast or I did not even get a meal. He also took an hour to eat. Yes I have gained alot of weight, I wish I could start eating slowly …