Boozeless Bars Attract Many Who Prefer to Socialize Sans Spirits

   By SheSpeaksTeam  Jul 22, 2019

Adam McDowell

For those who don’t drink or enjoy the bar scene, there may still be hope for your social life. New booze-free zones are popping up everywhere, giving a new option for a crowd that’s tired of those questioning looks at the bar when they order another club soda.

ABC News reports about a trend emerging across the nation of spaces opening up that offer the same kind of ambiance and social experience as bars but without the booze. For those who don’t wish to imbibe for any reason, whether it’s because they are in recovery or simply just trying to cut back on alcohol, sober spaces have become a way to still keep your social life.

Alcohol-free bars and something called “substance-free spots” marked with yellow balloons at music concerts are providing an alternative in a culture that takes its boozing pretty seriously. But even as alcohol laden our culture sometimes seems, there is also a more health-conscious trend emerging that is the exact reason we now see these places pop up. 

Even St. Louis, home to the Anheuser-Busch brewery, has opened a space where people can listen to music, chill and sip on non-alcoholic beverages. Pop’s Blue Moon bar has been a popular local watering hole for more than 100 years, but now those who don’t want alcohol on the menu can enjoy a sober night of socializing and making connections. 

University of Kentucky professor who studies addiction, William Stoops, explains how the non-alcoholic bar trend is a great sign of an evolving culture. Stoops says, “We evolved as social creatures. This is a good trend if you want the experience of companionship and social culture but don’t want the negatives. It can help people make better choices.”

What do you think of the new trend of boozeless bars?

Would you prefer to hang out in sober spaces when you don’t feel like drinking alcohol?

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Zoiebabee by Zoiebabee | LEESBURG, FL
Oct 14, 2019

I don't drink alchol so I think this is a fantastic idea. Great for meeting new people, networking, or even going with my sweetie for a nite out.

Apricotdreams by Apricotdreams | CLOVIS, CA
Oct 11, 2019

I prefer to hangout in sober free zones. When I was younger we called clubs, 'the meat markets.? I want to enjoy myself not worry about the drunk people around me.

albrew by albrew | CRESTWOOD, KY
Sep 09, 2019

I like the idea!!

BeaGatsby by BeaGatsby | RENO, NV
Aug 05, 2019

This is a thoughtful idea for those who are living a sober lifestyle, also, a great way to network during business without drinking too much. It also is a safe way for the under age to also go out and mingle and network.

jagerwench by jagerwench | LEXINGTON, SC
Jul 27, 2019

I could stay at home for that