Are You a Last Minute Scrambler?

   By drodriguez  Dec 17, 2007

We can’t all be the type of person who finishes their holiday shopping well before December (sorry mom). Most of us will scramble. We will find ourselves fighting through large crowds of aggressive holiday shoppers looking for that last minute bargain. We will make hasty decisions, spend more than we wanted to, and not rest until everything is wrapped with a pretty bow on top.

We may tell ourselves this year it will be different. But with busy schedules and the holidays already in full swing, many of us will find ourselves in a desperate situation yet again.

A recent CNN report offers some tips to ease the task of holiday shopping to make it a more enjoyable time of year. One tip offered that may make things a little easier is to bring along a friend. If you always go it alone when it comes to shopping for holiday gifts, you may want to try it with a friend or family member. The idea is that your helper can shop in one store for items while you shop in the other, potentially cutting shopping time in half.

The report also suggests that consumers shop online to take advantage of special rebate offers. Shopping online can also be a great convenience to many who just can’t make it out to the store. The Consumers Union urges online shoppers to always shop with companies they know and trust.

For a complete list of CNN’s holiday shopping tips for 2007, go to:

What do you think of the tips offered above?

Do you have any personal holiday shopping tips to share here?

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bbcoop by bbcoop | GREENFIELD, IN
Mar 19, 2008

I could spend hours trying to find the perfect gift for my nieces and nephews for their birthdays and christmas each year--like i used to do, but my 6 year old nephew made it clear to me what he really likes when I asked him what he wanted and he replied, "A Gift card, please!" Even at a young age they want to be able to add up their gift cards and have the thrill of purchasing items on their own little shopping spree more than anything else--that is from their aunts and uncles anyway--I'm sure their parents have more insight to what they really really want than I do!

toribird07 by toribird07 | Arlington, VA
Jan 25, 2008

I borrowed some advice from my mom. She shops year-round for birthdays, Christmas, and other gift-giving holidays, then stores the gifts until the appropriate time. I've started doing the same - buying when I see a good deal or a present that is just right for someone, regardless of the time of year. I store all the gifts in a storage trunk from Ikea in my bedroom, along with gift wrap and some general gifts for last-minute giving, so I know right where everything is. Now if only I could get the gift wrapping fairy to come to my house and wrap it all...

g1name by g1name | Niles, IL
Jan 14, 2008

Thanks for the tips ! Will help.

sweet_angel by sweet_angel | brighton, IA
Jan 02, 2008

This time of year, I start on the next one. And done before Thanksgiving rolls around.

Now remembering what boxes it is packed in is another story or what room.

linda_answer by linda_answer | SAINT LOUIS, MO
Jan 01, 2008

I shopped all year long for christmas and did it ALL online! If I saw something really good and on sale (and hopefully had a code for free shipping) I went ahead and bought it. Did not have to fight the crowds this year--was a lot less stressful!

mclanek by mclanek | San Diego, CA
Dec 26, 2007

I also look for bargains by using store coupons or paying attention to the "special" of the day. If generally know in advance what I want to purchase so that I can be looking for the deal. The "divide and conquer" approach doesn't work for husband is the "spender" and I am the "saver". He would just go ahead and pay full price.

loki6869 by loki6869 | gonzales, TX
Dec 19, 2007

Great Advice....I wish i had your restraint kirsten....

lynda62 by lynda62 | TWO RIVERS, WI
Dec 18, 2007

The tips are great. When I shop, I try to get the best deal or some kind of discount or shop through sites that give me points. I love to be rewarded for my shopping.

kirstensapphire by kirstensapphire | Fremont, CA
Dec 18, 2007

I think the tips make sense. Personally I usually get done with my Christmas shopping two weeks before the holidays. I try to get the best deals and bargains I can find. I will NEVER pay full price for an item, why should you? I've saved a whole lot of money using coupons,and going for sales.