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Little Tikes Ultimate Beach Ball Sprinkler

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Daughters Don't Come Cheap: The Growing Trend of Gender Selection Procedures

on Sep 27, 2012: I KNEW i wanted a boy, but instead I was blessed with two wild and crazy gily girls...and now i wonder why i ever wanted a boy love dressing them up and watching them be way girlier than I ever was!

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Wedding Day Jitters: An Early Predictor of Divorce?

on Sep 27, 2012: I had no jitters whatsoever, but I'd say stage fright that some people have in front of an audience is strechin it a bit to say the union is doomed!

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To Speak Or Not To Speak

on Mar 21, 2008: I think it is a smart idea to "test the institutions" to see what the intentions are and if they are willing to have you speak in another month, it seems so silly that anyone would make decisions on when someone would speak based on whether its february or not! Don't we all live in a country that …