Summer Survey: Here's What You Told Us

   By SheSpeaksTeam  Jun 30, 2021

In our most recent community survey, we asked about your summer plans, and you answered! Will SheSpeaks members be traveling this summer? Have they been out and about in the last two weeks? Are they optimistic about the rest of the year? Read on to find out! 

73% of respondents plan to travel (or have already traveled) for pleasure in 2021.

Things are getting back to normal! 68% of respondents have gone out to eat in the last two weeks. 

As we emerge from the pandemic, 63% of respondents hope that curbside pickup remains in post-pandemic life. 

This year is looking up! 60% of respondents feel somewhat or very optimistic about the rest of 2021.

SheSpeaks members go here, there, and everywhere! Where are you heading this summer and how will you be getting there? Tell us in the comments. 

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courtcourt96 by courtcourt96 | COALING, AL
Jul 10, 2021

Since things have started opening back up, I've enjoyed shopping again. As for vacation, the family and I will be going to the beach for a week. I love a good road trip!

annrone by annrone | LEBANON, MO
Jul 08, 2021

We will be staying home, working and spending time outdoors.

Katypugz by Katypugz | Marlton, NJ
Jul 05, 2021

Going to the shore with the family 

tinamyers by tinamyers | YAKIMA, WA
Jul 05, 2021

We stayed home as a family and just unwind and enjoyed the peacefulness of the hussle and bussle we face daily.
Now we are rested, sadly we have to return to normal life.  The rest was so needed for our family who work so hard to make ends meet.

mickiz by mickiz | valdosta, GA
Jul 04, 2021

We just returned from a week in the Keys! We love state parks!

Jul 02, 2021

Los Angeles by plane to finally see my sister

Jul 02, 2021

I took a road trip in May. I went to parks in Georgia. , South Carolina, & Virginia.   Deciding where to go to next. 

allene7 by allene7 | PERKINS, OK
Jul 01, 2021

We are staying home no travels will enjoy the family that just moved to be near us. 

cosmeticqueen by cosmeticqueen | MOUNT LAUREL, NJ
Jul 01, 2021

Good to the beach a few times for a day trip

aurora88 by aurora88 | ENGLEWOOD, CO
Jul 01, 2021

Just stay home with the hubby and enjoy the shows on tv 

GermanChick by GermanChick | LITTLE ROCK, AR
Jul 01, 2021

We are going to have a small BBQ in the backyard with local family in the area and both our next door neighbors. Maybe some fireworks if the kids are still up by the time it gets dark.

Nblackburn by Nblackburn | SEVEN SPRINGS, NC
Jul 01, 2021

Relax & enjoy the summer! 

P123456 by P123456 | TEMPLE CITY, CA
Jul 01, 2021

Hawaii, my favorite

Quiet2468 by Quiet2468 | Fort Mill, SC
Jul 01, 2021

I will be traveling by plane this summer/fall!!

Strongmind49079 by Strongmind49079 | Wyoming, MI
Jun 30, 2021

We will be traveling across the states. My kids are finally at the age where we all can do a lot of things together and creat memories that they will remember. We will be renting a camper and just load up and go.