A Personal Scanner that Organizes My Receipts? Neat!

SS Member Image By Digitwirl 08.22.11
A Personal Scanner that Organizes My Receipts? Neat!

Whoops, taxes are due April 15th and you still have your receipts “filed” in a shoe box. You’re trying to put in for medical expenses and can’t find the bills. Sound familiar? If you’re looking to transform that wild pile into organized digital files you’re going to love our how-to video for Neat Receipts. We couldn’t believe what a beast this tiny gadget (it weighs less than a pound) was when it came to scanning receipts, business cards, important forms, even our kids artwork to create searchable pdf files. As if that wasn’t cool enough, the NeatWorks software helps create IRS-friendly reports that make it super easy for your accountant to do your taxes. And easier for them equals cheaper for you. We likey.

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  • anglvsmal By anglvsmal

    This would be AWESOME!!! I could totally use one of these. :)

  • momsvoicetoday By momsvoicetoday

    You know, I have been playing with this idea for awhile now. Being able to see a little more about it, I really do think, I'm going to have to break down and go buy one. Guess that will be one for the Christmas list this year.

  • MissELF By MissELF

    That's awesome. We could definitely use this. We always say we're going to keep track of our spending, but we don't as much as we should. This however, would make it easier.

  • steffp1994 By steffp1994

    I just checked out the website, i plan on buying the neat receipts scanner. my goal was to become more organized and pare down the clutter and the neat receipt will help me do both

  • AshleyRhea28 By AshleyRhea28

    I love my neat recipt scanner. I have used it for two years now it it is perfect. If you are looking for a great way to get organized this is the way to do it. From recipes, artwork, finances, business cards. I also love scanning articles of ideas I want to try and then I can get rid of the magazine clutter!

  • zenfulwoman By zenfulwoman

    A key investment

  • didama By didama

    I could use something like this but would fear my inability to organize myself enough to actually scan the receipts!

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