A Bra That Could Save Your Life

SheSpeaksTeam By SheSpeaksTeam 10.17.12
A Bra That Could Save Your Life

In recent years researchers and scientists have been aiming at finding better ways to detect the first signs of breast cancer. Mammograms are not always effective in diagnosing breast cancer and according to a CBS News report they actually misdiagnose patients in up to 30 percent of cases.

A new diagnostic tool now in the works has the potential to alert doctors to the growth of abnormal breast tissue earlier than ever before. The device in development is actually a bra women can wear that will continually examine their breasts as they go about daily activities.

According to the company developing the detection bra, First Warning Systems, the bra can detect tumors before a self-exam or mammogram. The bra, which contains no radiation, is non-invasive and carries no toxins will be warn under doctor’s orders for about 12 hours to accurately detect abnormalities in breast tissue. The bra uses sensors that detect temperature fluctuations and pattern recognition software to do the job of detecting tumors and abnormal beast tissue.

So far clinical trials of the product have been a success and the creators of the bra have reported than when and if it is approved by the FDA, this type of exam should cost a patient no more than $25. The breast cancer detection bra is expected to be released for use in Europe next year and may hit the U.S. market by 2014.

What do you think of this new product in development that is said to be more effective at diagnosing early onset of breast cancer?

Would you be willing to try a diagnostic tool like this bra rather than a mammogram at your next doctor’s appointment?

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  • mfuller By mfuller

    What a remarkable idea!

  • katniels2no1 By katniels2no1

    For sure, this is a great idea, too bad it'll take so long to get here, I'd use it

  • AnaMarie341 By AnaMarie341

    Considering I've already had 3 biopsies and am at high risk for breast cancer, I would LOVE to try this!!!

  • rosebunny By rosebunny

    Great invention and I would definitely wear it.

  • Rbswhitedove By Rbswhitedove

    I would definitely give this a try and convince my daughter, sisters and nieces all to try it. I can't wait to see how it works. I have already had 3 mammograms this year and would much rather have just worn a bra!

  • funnywomansoccer By funnywomansoccer

    When I read this, my first thought was, where can I buy it and try!! Breast Cancer runs in my family and I would definitely like to be free from it forever and this seems like a wonderful means to achieve that!! Can't wait for it to become available for the medical community!! Awesome!!

  • Spirit By Spirit

    would love to try this

  • hshockeymom By hshockeymom

    Sounds amazing. Would so try it.

  • beaker247 By beaker247


  • nickiey8 By nickiey8

    Sounds like a great idea and comfortable too.

  • crazycoupons By crazycoupons

    I would be willing to try it. I think with the cost, maybe more women would be willing to try it. For women without insurance this just may be the thing to help women get checked. My grandmother died from breast cancer, so I think this would be fantastic.

  • hardwarewife By hardwarewife

    I would definitely try this bra due to the ease and low cost!

  • longandlanky By longandlanky

    I think this is a great breakthrough for women.Pain free and no days off work sitting in the waiting room.Detected early enough to be cured. If this works then we owe a big thank you to the inventor.I would definitely wear it .and go about my day with no one knowing I am having a medical test.,

  • ddjamaica By ddjamaica

    Sounds wonderful. I would definitely be willing to be a test subject for something like this. I don't know of anyone who looks forward to the traditional mammogram.

  • Sbbroadway By Sbbroadway

    I would sign me and my daughter for this bra. Great idea.

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