30 Million Bachelors Need A Wife

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30 Million Bachelors Need A Wife
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If any of your male friends have ever complained that it's difficult to meet women you may want to tell them about some recent reports coming from China.  It is being estimated that in the next 20 years some 30 million men living in China will be unable to find a wife.  A recent article from Fox News says the ratio of boys to girls in some areas of China are 130 boys to 100 girls. 

The reason China has a good deal more men within their population than women is due to the one child policy the government has put in place as a way to control their enormous population.  Since each couple is allowed to have one child many couples opt to abort a female child if they are able to determine the gender through a sonogram early in the pregnancy. 

Traditionally male children are preferred within the Chinese culture.  Fortunately, this sentiment may soon be changing due to the increase China has seen recently with women in the workplace.  BernardCoquelin , from the U.N. Population Fund, spoke with Fox News about the latest trend of women moving to the bigger cities for work and marriage and how this will affect tradition. Coquelin says, "More than 50 percent of the population will be in the cities.  So that means this will be very strong change of traditions, behaviour of couples, or women, including this kind of son preference."

But as things stand now mothers, fathers, and grandparents find the need to gather at Shanghai's 'People's Park Number Five' every weekend trying find their sons (and grandsons) a wife.  They bring with them posters and photographs of the prospective husband in a desperate attempt to entice a woman who essentially has a lot of potential mates to choose from. 

What do you think of the news coming out of China that 30 million men will probably be unable to find a wife?

Do you think there should be rules in place to make sure couples do not abort a baby simply based on gender?

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  • krys2000 By krys2000

    Let the Chinese stop killing their babies and they wouldn't have this problem. Let the Chinese government learn that men are NOT better than women. Let the Chinese government finally pull it's head out of its butt and catch up with the rest of the world. Then they wouldn't have half of these problems. And to the person that says women are more likely to "miscarry boys" has not one inkling of what they are talking about. Try asking someone who knows, like your OB/GYN. Check out your thoughts before presenting them as facts. There is no difference when it comes to carrying boys or girls to term, that is just someone's misguided perception. Abortion is wrong for any reason and all governments need to see that.

  • samamfee1 By samamfee1

    My daughter teaches school in Beijing . When she first arrived ,men flocked to her treating her with the utmost respect.She even witness a fight by one of her suitors ; just because her date thought the other guy looked at her wrong. She has now married and he is Chinese.I am very happy with her life she has with him.I know he will take care of her almost as well as I did when she was mine.The only problem I have with them is they are so far away.

  • AimeeAken By AimeeAken

    That will teach them to promote having so many MALE children only. The world is a crazy place. I guess all of the single women here know where to go to find a man . HeeHee!

  • la_cuata184 By la_cuata184

    It's sad that so many female children are being aborted. I'm glad I live in America where I can decide how many children I'm going to have. Maybe it's a good thing that all these men won't be able to find wives, because then they won't have children and they won't contribute to the overpopulation. It's a sad situatiion that hopefully someone can find a solution to.

  • Katria By Katria

    Why not consider at least putting the child up for adoption if you prefer a boy or girl? That way the other people looking for a child who cannot have one of their own have a chance as well, and may dilute out the "only boy baby" thoughts.

  • sharman421 By sharman421

    Aborting babies? Delivering unwanted females? China has been doing this for years. This is why most, if not all, of the adopted Chinese babies here in the states are girls. Sad state of affairs when a government can tell a couple how many children they can have. And yet another sad state of affairs when that couple has a preconceived notion that male children are better than female children! As a mother of 3 intelligent, gifted, and loving daughters, I can only say I am sickened by this inhumane, archaic, communist ideal.

  • joy9281 By joy9281

    If the country of china had allowed their female offspring to live they would have not had this problem at all.

  • JMaynard85 By JMaynard85

    why cant they just appreciate what god has blessed them with! Now China will be paying for its poor decision. Altho What I would be interested in is if they factored in the gay community or only heterosexual.

  • Penny2me By Penny2me

    I'm saddened by the state of that country that would abort babies because of their gender.

  • junconventional By junconventional

    The government tries to control the population. It's the parents that are opting to abort girls not the government forcing them into having an abortion. Women are more likely to miscarry boys which is why in this country women outnumber men. It's not my place to determine what right/wrong in another place, however since people are opting for boys then yes you need to lift the ban. All this outrage - we allow anyone to have kids whether or not they are able or have the ability to afford kids.

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