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30 Million Bachelors Need A Wife

SS Member Image By drodriguez 10.12.09
30 Million Bachelors Need A Wife
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If any of your male friends have ever complained that it's difficult to meet women you may want to tell them about some recent reports coming from China.  It is being estimated that in the next 20 years some 30 million men living in China will be unable to find a wife.  A recent article from Fox News says the ratio of boys to girls in some areas of China are 130 boys to 100 girls. 

The reason China has a good deal more men within their population than women is due to the one child policy the government has put in place as a way to control their enormous population.  Since each couple is allowed to have one child many couples opt to abort a female child if they are able to determine the gender through a sonogram early in the pregnancy. 

Traditionally male children are preferred within the Chinese culture.  Fortunately, this sentiment may soon be changing due to the increase China has seen recently with women in the workplace.  BernardCoquelin , from the U.N. Population Fund, spoke with Fox News about the latest trend of women moving to the bigger cities for work and marriage and how this will affect tradition. Coquelin says, "More than 50 percent of the population will be in the cities.  So that means this will be very strong change of traditions, behaviour of couples, or women, including this kind of son preference."

But as things stand now mothers, fathers, and grandparents find the need to gather at Shanghai's 'People's Park Number Five' every weekend trying find their sons (and grandsons) a wife.  They bring with them posters and photographs of the prospective husband in a desperate attempt to entice a woman who essentially has a lot of potential mates to choose from. 

What do you think of the news coming out of China that 30 million men will probably be unable to find a wife?

Do you think there should be rules in place to make sure couples do not abort a baby simply based on gender?

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  • agaphmou By agaphmou

    the easy answer would be to lift the one child per couple law,but then what? The population would increase drasticly more,and they are already very overpopulated.

  • purplerosecharm By purplerosecharm

    One more reason why there're so many single men in China now - women in China marry men from the other countries who come to China to work or just simply want to find wives. A lot of women in China want to marry foreigners just to get visas to leave the country. In Hong Kong, Singapore, instead, there are so many single women who cannot find husbands.

  • purplerosecharm By purplerosecharm

    The China government introduced the "1 child policy" to control the population growth in the country. I won't say that it's wrong in this sense but the execution is pretty sad. Some women who are already in their second or final trimester would be forced to abort when they are caught having the 2nd ones. And, if the women are not legally married, they will not allowed to have babies. Once they are caught, again, they are forced to have abortion. That's why so many women go to Hong Kong to give born to their 2nd or 3rd ones. Recently, it has been controlled too. Their 2nd or 3rd kids born overseas also count and these kids will not have political status, no ID, no benefits. They are just like nobody or non-existing. It's very very sad.

  • msfriendly By msfriendly

    Can't you just see a new reality show about this??? Wouldn't surprise me one bit! As far as the gender's really messed up. We all know girls are smarter than boys! No, in all seriousness, I cannot imagine aborting a life because of gender. I'm so glad we live in America.

  • fairyeyed By fairyeyed

    In response to meldrian30: I believe that if there are twins, a significant fee needs to be paid to "allow" the child to live.

  • Alyssarae92293 By Alyssarae92293

    I think this is absoulutley insane!!!.... Aborting your baby just because they're girls?! All those men deserve to be single for what they're doing in china!

  • bongsrey By bongsrey

    Wow!! Where were they when I was single? lol. It might be a quality not quantity issue too with all those single men. On a serious note: It would be better to have China lift the "1 child only" law. It would also be beneficial to teach people that girls are not a curse but a blessing. I have 2 girls and my Asian husband wouldn't trade them in or anything! It is sad to think that girls are second class citizens in Asia, Middle East and Africa. Without women, there would be no one left on earth!

  • L_camille By L_camille

    That law would be great, abortion is beyond wrong. But in their eyes having a girl is kind of a curse, having a boy means the family name gets carried on, therefore, their government will never allow such a law to happen. I am just glad we are AMERICAN where having either sex is a blessing.

  • mindfull By mindfull

    From a counrty such as china where they do not have the freedom that we live with daily, do you pity the families that have to chose if they want a male or female child or do you become outraged at a goverment that makes such laws, I wonder how a person can become so callous as to end something so wonderful as a child, Maybe the goverment will open their eyes and see the need to stop this stupid law,or just make it law that No one should have a child when the country is so over populated.

  • meladrian30 By meladrian30

    I believe that this is an outrage that abortion is condoned. Having either a female child or male child is a blessing. I would never there. what if a person has twins?

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